August 8, 2016

Supernatural Erotica: a guest post by Nick Jones, author of "The Shropshire Stalker"

If the British Library was categorising my new novella ‘The Shropshire Stalker’, it would probably have to be ‘supernatural erotica’.

My previous book ‘King’s Cross’ (published last August by Book Guild), included a torrid love-making scene between a mentally-disturbed Englishman and a Sicilian nun who had been dead for two years. She haunts his life until he finally commits suicide – at King’s Cross station.

‘The Shropshire Stalker’ is equally unsettling and not for the squeamish. In the opening chapter, thrice-married multi-millionairess Eva Carlssen (the ‘stalker’ of the title) tells her quarry, bookshop owner Anthony Metcalf: “I’m a fully-qualified witch, you know,” threatening to wreck his marriage by fair, foul or supernatural means. “Oh really? Are they doing Open University courses in witchcraft, now?” he facetiously enquires. A foolish quip.

But Eva’s plan comes to naught, despite springing several supernatural ruses on the hapless Anthony. Hurt by his rejections and intent on having the last word, she sets up an elaborate trap which finds him in the dock, charged with her murder.

‘The Shropshire Stalker’ is published by YouCaxton Publishing on 8th August

- Nick Jones

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