December 17, 2015

The Shattered Kingdoms: a guest post by Sommer Nectarhoff, author of "The Death Ydain"

Sommer Nectarhoff is a writer from Chicago. He's always loved to read and write both fiction and poetry. His shorter pieces have been published in a variety of literary journals, and he is the author of numerous books to date, including the fantasy series The Book of Lokk.

The Death of Ydain takes place in a land called the Shattered Kingdom, which lies across the sea from the events in Kthönar, which are catalogued in my first fantasy series, The Book of Lokk. The story is one of those larger than life tales in the spirit of King Arthur—“The Death of Ydain” title itself comes from the famous King Arthur legends contained in “Le Morte d’Arthur,” a text from the fifteenth century.

To create the same feel—The Death of Ydain involves a white cast of characters, ranging from knights to sorcerers and giants—I wrote the book in late Middle English after an extensive period of research. The Death of Ydain is both epic and fun, and brings fantasy back to a world where anything can happen.

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