November 19, 2015

New York State of Crime: a guest post by Amy Grech, author of "Rage and Redemption in Alphabet City"

Amy Grech's stories shock, like a sudden splash of cold water. This latest collection delivers gritty profiles of people snarled in the crime and seething anger of inner city New York at its most violent. Here you'll encounter five dark tales: “Rage and Redemption in Alphabet City”, “.38 Special”, “Cold Comfort”, “Prevention”, and “Hoi Polloi Cannoli”. These startling stories will convince you that Grech is noir and horror writer you want to watch.

New York City is the backdrop for virtually every story, save for second novella, “Hoi Polloi Cannoli”, which is set in the near future and has a dystopian feel. It showcases a strategic struggle between the haves and the have-nots. I wrote it a couple of years after the Great Recession that claimed many victims, including me. My cushy corporate job as a Web Content Manager laid me off, but I’d been freelancing on the side the whole time, so I guess the joke was on them!  I’ve been a full-time freelancer for six years and counting!

The lead novella, “Rage and Redemption in Alphabet City”, features a gritty Alphabet City of yesteryear, where buildings were covered with garish graffiti, crime dominated the streets and young lives were snuffed out with reckless abandon. A devious Eye Doctor sets his sights on the wrong girl and murderous mayhem ensues when her older sister lures him back to her apartment, where their father his father is waiting to deliver his own harsh brand of redemption.

Most of the action in “.38 Special”, transpires in a garage and involves a snub-nosed revolver, a lively few rounds of Russian roulette, a cuckolded husband, his best friend, and a most unexpected outcome. I wrote this story after I watched The Deer Hunter and was licking my wounds after breaking up with my first serious college boyfriend.

“Cold Comfort” is set in NYC’s posh Upper East Side and Central Park, a soothing pocket of calm in a whirlwind of chaos. It’s a tragic tale about love and betrayal; the end has surprise twist…

“Prevention” is set in Hell’s Kitchen, another section of NYC with a rich history of violence, where murderous, identical twins help their dear mother into and out of trouble. One of my good friends used to live in Hell’s Kitchen, so I became well-acquainted with all of its dark secrets…

Amy Grech: Website, Google +, Twitter

Rage and Redemption in Alphabet City: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Kobo

Amy Grech has sold over 100 stories to various anthologies and magazines including: Apex Magazine, Beat to a Pulp: Hardboiled, Dead Harvest, Expiration Date, Fear on Demand, Funeral Party 2, Inhuman Magazine, Needle Magazine, Reel Dark, Shrieks and Shivers from the Horror Zine, Space & Time, The Horror Within, Under the Bed, and many others.

She has stories forthcoming in Detectives of the Fantastic, Volume II and Fright Mare. Amy is an Active Member of the Horror Writers Association who lives in Brooklyn.

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