October 19, 2015

Romance in Horror Stories: a guest post and giveaway by Sal Conte, author of "Baaad Dog"

Since when did man’s best friend become his very own worst nightmare? 

Harry wanted a dog. 

He’d wanted a dog ever since his mother gave away the cute little mongrel pup he and his brother adopted when they were kids. His mom gave the dog away because Harry and Lenny didn’t take care of her as promised. 
Now Harry is a grown man with children of his own. He brings home Queenie, a miracle of modern robotics who looks and acts just like a real dog. Big Mistake. 

“One of the beauties of the K9-233 is that they don’t eat or poop.” 

Harry’s wife, Pam, feels there’s something off about Queenie right from the beginning. And then strange things begin to happen: Harry’s five-year-old says Queenie talks to him. There’s the near fatal car accident after Harry makes Queenie spend the night in the garage for being naughty. But Harry loves Queenie—maybe a little too much. Will Harry realize there’s a murderous monster living under his roof before his entire family becomes dog food? 

Baad Dog is a horror, sic-fi thriller with a twist from the author of 80s pulp horror classics Child’s Play and The Power. Sal Conte has been dubbed “the modern master of the surprise ending,” and this one is full of surprises.


Sometimes, romance can be a horror.
This is definitely true in my novel Boyfriend From Hell (The Falling Angels Saga) where Satan shows up in the form of a handsome, charming boyfriend seeking a mate. Generally, however, in horror stories, the romance exists outside of the horror, often, in spite of the horror.
My love of romance in horror dates all the way back to the original The Invasion of The Body Snatchers movie. I saw the old black & white movie on TV as a kid with my older brother. We loved the movie, even though we were too young to understand that the romance in the film is what made it so powerful.
Love can be the glue to a horror story as it is in my latest novel, Baad Dog (EViL E Books) written by my pseudonym, Sal Conte. The relationship in the book begins innocently enough. A husband brings home a new family pet. Instead of romance, it’s love of family that takes Baad Dog to its climactic ending. I won’t spoil it for you by revealing anything more. Needless to say, it’s a horror story, so bad things happen.

So far the reviews for Baad Dog have been excellent, better than I could have hoped for. I am so proud of them. Please check out the reviews for yourself, and then grab a copy. Thanks.

~About the Author~

Sal Conte is the horror writing alter ego of Amazon #1 Teen Horror author, E. Van Lowe. As Sal Conte, the author turns his talents to gruesome horror with stunning results. Sal Conte is the author of 80s pulp horror classics “Child’s Play” and “The Power,” as well as recent shorts “The Toothache Man” and “Because We Told Her To.

“Baad Dog” is Sal Conte’s first solo ebook. You can visit him athttp://evanlowe.com/sal-contes-page/

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