October 1, 2015

Chasing Tale [Books Received for Oct 1, 2015]: My Favorite Time of Year

Chasing Tale is a regular feature on the blog where I highlight the latest books to wind up on my to-be-read pile, followed by a rant on whatever happens to be on my mind.

He Left Her at the Altar, She Left Him to the Zombies by Katie Cord - This is a short story collection that offers a zanier take on zombie apocalypses and such. I've never read her work before, but the title's catchy, so that's something.

Lot Lizards by Ray Garton - Truckers and vampires. Say no more. I'm sold.

Arena of the Wolf by Jim Gavin - Truckers and werewolves. Say no more. I'm sold.

Ghosts of Christmas Past and Luminous by Corrina Lawson - I won these two novellas from Corrina a few days ago as part of the Farryn's War release party with Christie Meierz on Facebook last week. I also won a copy of her steampunk novel, Curse of the Brimstone Contract, which is in the mail. Thanks again, Corrina.

The Box Jumper by Lisa Mannetti - I received a copy of Lisa's newest novella, which features a sleuthy incarnation of Harry Houdini. With her atmospheric style of horror, I'm quite curious to see how this little tale turns out.

The Hatch by Kelli Owen - I reviewed Kelli's apocalyptic novella, Waiting Out Wintersome time back, and the follow up novella came out earlier this year, and now there's a copy of it on my Kindle. Looking forward to cracking this one open.

Spider Bite by J.R. Rain & Scott Nicholson - This vampire novel came up as a freebie the other day on the Kindle Store, and since I already bought the first two books in the trilogy, I figured this was the perfect time to complete the set.

White Knuckle by Eric Red - More truckers? Gosh, it's kind of a theme this week, ain't it? This one has a serial killer on 18 wheels wreaking havoc on the open roads for decades. I've never read Eric's work, but some folks I know seem to enjoy it, so I'll give it a whirl. Great cover, at any rate.

Stamps, Vamps, & Tramps edited by Shannon Robinson - Here are some more vampires from Evil Girlfriend Media in the form of an anthology. They have a couple other anthologies with zombies and witches as themes, too.

Roadside Ghosts by Stephen Vernon - A collection of eight short stories from the Nova Scotia's harding working horror author.

The Archivist by Tom D. Wright - Tom actually stopped by the blog recently for an interview, which you can check out by clicking here, and now I have a copy of his post-apocalyptic scifi novel.

My Favorite Time of Year

It's October! The road to Halloween is officially here and I am steadily getting into the spirit of things. We had a torrential downpour last night, which I think rang in the season quite nicely. The temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing color, the geese are effing off in V-shapes for the south. It all adds up to autumn, when I adjust to sweater weather, bite-sized candy, and my annual kvetching over what to wear as a Halloween costume.

There is one unsavory detail to this time of year, and that is the unwelcome encroachment of Saint Nick on our hallowed time of year. Honestly, it's not enough Christmas takes up all of December, but it's usurped Thanksgiving with its hostile takeover of November, and nowadays it has set its sights on All Hallows Eve. No, I say! You shall not pass!

It's bad enough when corporations try to peddle their Xmas wares on our turf, but when decent folks turn to the darkside and start putting up Christmas decs and playing Christmas carols before they hand out weird homemade candy to trick-or-treaters ... that's a true travesty.

Thankfully, those weirdos are in the minority, and we weirdos still rule the roost. If I can at least carve one jack-o-lantern and watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I'll have hit my bare minimum for Halloween enjoyment.

What is it that you're looking forward to most this month?


  1. Lot Lizards! Why have I never heard of Lot Lizards? I'm not the Ray Garton fan I once thought I was.

    Happy October, Gef! I hope it is everything October promises to be.

  2. I hadn't heard of it before, either. Sounds like it's right up my alley, though.

    And a Happy October to you, too. It's coming in like a lion with all this rain and wind.