September 4, 2015

Chasing Tale [Books Received for Sept 4, 2015]: So Long Summer, Hello Halloween

Chasing Tale is a regular feature on the blog where I highlight the latest books to wind up on my to-be-read pile, followed by a rant on whatever happens to be on my mind.

Crooked Road by Alec Cizak - This is a collection of crime stories published by All Due Respect Books, which I picked up for free last week. It's only a couple bucks now, and has garnered some praise from fellow crime writers like Paul D. Brazill, Garnett Elliott, and Nigel Bird.

Conquistador of the Night Lands by Robin Wyatt Dunn - This one showed up in my inbox out of nowhere. Sounds weird as heck with a post-apocalyptic backdrop on a universal scale, but with a motley crew coming together to remake the universe. James P. Blaylock enjoyed it, at any rate.

The Seventh Sons by Domino Finn - A motorcycle gang of werewolves? Well, why the heck not. This one was a freebie on the Kindle Store a couple weeks ago, and it might still be free for the snagging if it catches your eye.

The Drafter by Kim Harrison - This is the first book of a brand new series from the bestselling author, which hit shelves just this week. It has a cool little hook involving time manipulation and the woman with such a gift a target by her former employers and other parties at work as well. Sounds neat.

Greasepaint by David C. Hayes - Here's a novella due out in November through Samhain Publishing, featuring an evil clown. All clowns are evil, yes, this is a fact. But it's been a while since IT came out, and I could go for a little psychopath in floppy shoes action.

Iguana Love by Vicki Hendricks - I was surprised I hadn't already bought this one, as I've bought just about everything else with Vicki's name on the cover. This noir-tinged love story sounds fiendish and enticing.

The Laws of Nature by Ashley Franz Holzmann - This is a short story collection featuring an array of tales. There's a guest post on the blog from Ashley too, posted just this week that you can check out by clicking here.

King's Cross by Nick Jones - This one is set in Sicily and concerns itself with a man recovering from a nervous breakdown at a religious retreat, only to fall in love, and then have his grip on reality become even more tenuous. Sounds a bit gothic.

Biblia Longcrafta by Simon Marshall-Jones - When Simon isn't at the helm of Spectral Press, he's penning his own stories, and now they are collected in his first book here. I have an interview with him that you can check out in the near future, too.

Hashtag by Eryk Pruitt - It wasn't too long ago Eryk stopped by the blog. You can check out that by clicking here. His second novel sounds like a humdinger with all manner of heists and hijinx.

 All Due Respect: Issue Number Six edited by Chris Rhatigan - This issue of a crime fiction periodical popped up as a freebie on the Kindle Store not too long ago. It was published in May, and Issue Number Seven just came out about a week ago. I'm not too familiar with the contributing authors of this issue, but that's the fun, ain't it?

Tortures of the Damned by Hunter Shea - A very apocalyptic tale with New York City plunged into chaos as only Hunter Shea can do. He visited the blog a little while back to talk about this book, plus there's a giveaway in which you can win a signed copy. Check it out here.

The Lesser People by Lee Thompson - A new novel already from Lee, this one is his historical novel with more of a literary bent to it. It's described as poignant, brutal, and touching. I don't doubt it.

The Best of Connie Willis: Award Winning Stories - After Connie Willis gave a rousing speech at the Hugo Awards a couple weeks back, I figured I ought to pick myself up a copy of one of her books. I have The Doomsday Book already, so I thought I'd go a different route and pick up this collection of her short stories.


I can feel it. My favorite time of year is approaching. Nearly two months between now and Halloween, but already the air is getting a little cooler, the nights are creeping in earlier and earlier, and it won't be long before the birds start heading south and the leaves begin to turn and fall.

Autumn is just the best. The summer heat was tolerable, but there were days where I felt absolutely miserable with all that oppressive heat. You might feel more inclined to piss and moan about the cold come winter. Not me, oh no. Winter I welcome with open arms, since I'm built like a polar bear. Summer just wrecks me. And now that we head into fall, I am recovered and looking forward to the thrills and chills that come with All Hallow's Eve.

I wouldn't mind a little more build from the rest of the world. Heck, Christmas countdowns practically start the day after Halloween. Can't we afford a more official countdown for this wondrous holiday? Heck, make it an actual holiday. That would be even better. Meh, that's wishful thinking. As long as there are scary movies, bite-sized candy bars, and cool costumes, all is well.

So long, summer. You hot-tempered a-hole. Hello, Halloween. I've got The Rocky Horror Picture Show and a bucket of popcorn. Let's do this.

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