August 27, 2015

Not for the Squeamish: a guest post by Nick Jones, author of "King's Cross"

Nick Jones’ debut novella ‘King’s Cross’ certainly qualifies as ‘dark fiction’.

The author says he has set out to ‘discomfort’ his readers. Much in the way that Henry James gave us all sleepless nights after our first reading of ‘The Turn of the Screw’.

King’s Cross’ is a contemporary story, set in Sicily and London.

Mark Sutton has decided to recuperate from a nervous breakdown, by going on a quiet religious retreat in a convent on the Mediterranean island, where he meets – and falls in love with - a beautiful young nun named Beatrice.

When the action moves to the King’s Cross district of London, things get fraught for poor old love-struck Mark. The story doesn’t have a happy ending, though there is a surprising twist on the final page.

Not for the squeamish!

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