July 2, 2015

Chasing Tale [July 2, 2015]: Hugo, I'll Stay

I received my Hugo Voter Packet last week, and with it were the majority of nominated works which I must now attempt to read before the end of July so that I can place an informed vote on which books are most deserving in my view of receiving awards. After reading a half dozen or so thus far, it is ... a mixed bag. So ... yeah. I'm not reading a bad book cover to cover. No way. So, depending upon how many of these erroneously nominated works fail to hook me, it may not be such a slog to read through the entire packet after all.

Speaking of awards, the winners of the 2015 Locus Awards were announced last week. Plenty of great looking titles on there, including a couple that are on the ballot for Hugos this year. I'm quite interested to see how Katherine Addison's The Goblin Emperor turns out to be, as it won for Best Fantasy Novel, and Addison is the pen name for Sarah Monette, whose short fiction I quite enjoy.

I'm not much for beaches, so my summer reading will be in the shade, preferably in a muskoka chair with some iced tea. As for what's looking good as far as "beach" reads go, I'm midway through Joe Lansdale's Paradise Sky, and if you're a western fan then you'll want to check that one out.

Here are a bunch more books that wound up on my to-be-read pile this week. Maybe one of these will be enticing enough to become your summer read. Let me know what you're reading this summer.

 Of Lone Headstones by Jorge Bocanegra - This one is a novelette that came my way a little while ago. Looks like a bit of a love-on-the-rocks tale amid an undead apocalypse. Zombie fans take note.

The Mirrors by Nicole Cushing - This is the first collection of short stories by one of the better and more unique voices in horror to arrive this decade.

Mr. Suicide by Nicole Cushing - Along with that there is also her debut novel that comes out this month. Oh, she's got plenty of short stories and novellas published, my friends, but this is her first honest-to-goodness novel. And I'll be interviewing her this month to get a little more info on this one too, so watch out for that.

Dark Screams Vol. Five edited by Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar - This fifth installment in the horror anthology series isn't due out until the fall. It's got Kealan Patrick Burke and Bentley Little too, so that could be a long wait for fans.

In Midnight's Silence by T. Frohock - Teresa has a new historical fantasy novel out this summer, and it's set around the Spanish Civil War. It sounds interesting and I have an interview with her later this month to discuss it, so stay tuned.

No Dogs in Philly by Andy Futuro - How about some Lovecraftian cyberpunk noir for your Kindle, because that's what this one is. I don't think you could fit more genres in this one, because it's under 200 pages.

The Pariahs by Erik Hofstatter - Here's a novel that got the thumbs up from Mary SanGiovanni, who is no slouch in the storysmithing department, about siblings separated during calamity and must face even more to reunite.

Q Island by Russell James - Here comes Russell's biggest and perhaps most ambitious novel yet, out this month from Samhain. I have an interview with him coming up this month too, so keep your eyes peeled.

Giallo Fantastique and Cthulhu Fhtagn! edited by Ross E. Lockhart - A couple of anthologies from Word Horde. Cthulhu Fhtagn! comes out later in the summer, but the giallo anthology is out now, and if you're not familiar with that sub-genre of grindhouse then you are missing out.

Perfect Little Angels by Andrew Neiderman - I haven't the foggiest what this one is about, but when I saw it offered as a freebie in June I just had to snatch it up, since any time writerly people I follow mention Neiderman's name it is with glowing praise.

Vermilion by Molly Tanzer - This is another offering from Word Horse, this one a bit of a genre mashup leaning towards steampunk. I'll have an interview with Molly appearing on the blog soon as well, so watch out.

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