July 8, 2015

A Book with No Place: a guest post by Lisa Jenkins, owner of Sinful Press

My name is Lisa Jenkins and I am a short story horror writer, freelance editor and proofreader, editor for Horrific Tales Publishing, and most recently, owner of the erotic publisher, Sinful Press.

When I first started the press, I had my ideal first novel in mind. It would be an erotic romance, the sort that has a huge readership, but it would stand out from the rest because of the quality of the writing. It would be my flagship book and would not only go on to sell thousands, but would gain me the reputation of being a serious quality erotica press.
Then ‘Peeper’ happened.
An erotic crime comedy set in Wales with a male protagonist, Peeper by SJ Smith was as far from my ideal book as I could have imagined, and I was tempted to send a form rejection letter without even opening the manuscript. Luckily, curiosity got the better of me.
The next month or so was spent arguing with myself: It’s not going to make the advance back let alone the cost of publishing; It’s too difficult to market as it doesn’t fit into any of the usual erotica categories; It’s too male orientated for the mainly female erotica readership; I HAVE TO HAVE IT!
And contracts were signed.
Then came the hard part: trying to find a market – a place where it would fit. None of the usual review sites would touch it as it doesn’t fit with their criteria so I took a jump sideways and sent it to the horror reviewers I knew with the understanding I would accept whatever they had to say. I almost cried when the reviews started coming in as they all confirmed my gut feeling. Peeper is something special.
SJ Smith has a knack for comedy. Whether it’s subtle or slapstick, he nails it every time because his writing is grounded in reality. His characters are everyday folk doing what they do best, and his sex scenes aren’t masked with Hollywood romance. They’re honest and loving and accepting, and this is what makes this erotic novel really stand out from the crowd. Even in the fetish scenes, it’s relatable.
What SJ Smith also excels at is storytelling. The sex scenes are an integral part of the plotline, and the plotline is fast and flowing; and as a crime novel, no detail is overlooked and each character’s role is believable. Add to that his superb technical ability and you really do have something outstanding.
And this is why I am here, an erotica publisher guest posting on a horror website, to ask you if you’d be willing to step outside your usual comfort zone and give Peeper a try. It’s only available on Amazon at the moment until we find its niche, but it is part of the KU program, and free copies can be requested from the Sinful Press website for anyone wanting to review it.

Thanks, Lisa. As for the rest of you, if you are interested in checking out PEEPER, here are the links to Amazon: AMAZON.COM / AMAZON.CO.UK

Peeper blurb:
Adam Jenks Jenkins’ carefree life as a small-time private investigator is about to get very complicated.
There’s something ‘off’ about his new client, but work is hard to come by in the Welsh town of Llanrhos, and the return is far above his usual paygrade. All he has to do is find a mystery woman and retrieve a set of sexually explicit photographs. Sounds easy. Too easy.
Jenks’ sanity is tested as the case drags him ever deeper into the dangerous world of Veronica Tailor, where blackmail, seduction and threats of violence run rife.
Even his home life is affected as his wife’s obsession with Veronica sends her libido into overdrive.
Will Jenks ever solve the case?
Will his wife become a lesbian?

Will he ever manage to get some sleep?

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