May 11, 2015

Chasing Tale [May 11, 2015]: Stoked for Horror

The Bram Stoker Awards were handed out over the weekend, and I managed to catch most of the ceremony via Ustream as it happened. It was very cool to see some truly deserving writers garner those fancy paperweights, too. With

Lucy A. Snyder was a two-time winner, picking up Superior Achievement in Non-Fiction with Shooting Yourself in the Head For Fun and Profit: A Writer’s Survival Guide, and Superior Achievement in a Collection with  Soft Apocalypses. Not too shabby.

Steve Rasnic Tem picks up the big prize, Superior Achievement in a Novel, thanks to his novel, Blood Kin. Other stalwarts in the genre like Ellen Datlow and Joe R. Lansdale won, for Superior Achievement in an Anthology and Superior Achievement in Long Fiction respectively.

There was new names winning too (new to me, anyway) as John Dixon won Superior Achievement in a Young Adult Novel, with Phoenix Island. Plus Maria Alexander won Superior Achievement in a First Novel for Mr. Wicker.

A pretty cool night for honoring horror I thought. Tom Piccirilli won for his poetry collection, Jack Ketchum and Tanith Lee were given Lifetime Achievement Awards, and Jeff Strand did a mighty fine job yet again as the emcee.

Locus Mag posted all the winners, which you can read here. Certainly a nice, amiable change of pace from the slings and arrows going on with the Hugo Awards.

Anyway, the ballot for the Stokers this year, like most years, has me updating my watch list, and I will likely be on the hunt this summer to pick more than a couple of the books that got nominated. In the meantime, here are a bunch of books that recently wound up on my to-be-read pile. Take a look and let me know what catches your eye.

Dark Avenging Angel by Catherine Cavendish - A new novel due out this August through Samhain's horror line. Sweet cover, I should say. And Catherine will be stopping by for its release with a guest post, so watch out for that, too.

Sunburn by Darren Dash - Darren stopped by the blog last week with a guest post to talk about his new novel. You can check that out by clicking here to learn a little more about it.

The Circle by Mario Escobar - Mario sent along a review copy of his new psycho-thriller, and if you want to pick it up, there are a limited number of free copies available on the Kindle Store by using this promotional code: PBZ22LYW.

Dark Screams Vol. 4 edited by Brian James Freeman & Richard Chizmar - I've barely finished the third volume and Freeman & Chizmar already have the fourth ready to go. And a fifth set for the summer. Holy moly!

The Last Safe Place by Rob Hart - I forget who recommended this novella, but I do recall it was someone with good taste. Sure, it's zombies, so how original could it be. Well, apparently enough to impress some folks who know a thing or two about 'em.

Sleepers by Paul Kane - Some British horror? Don't mind if I do. This one involved a sleepy little town literally going to sleep. The devil you say.

Paradise Sky by Joe R. Lansdale - It's always good news to hear there is a new Joe Lansdale novel due to be released. Looks like he's headed back into the western genre again after a top-notch outing a couple years back with The Thicket. Really looking forward to this one.

Black Bubbles by Kelli Owen - While I have just about all of Kelli's novels and novellas, this is her first short story collection. If she's as good with short fiction as she is with the longer stuff, this should be great.

The Last Survivors by T.W. Piperbrook & Bobby Adair - Some free apocalyptic action. At least it was free when I snagged it a couple days ago.

Off and Running by Philip Reed - Another summer release showed up in my inbox, this time from Brash Books, featuring a writer working a big biography on a famed comedian only to wind up part of a manhunt. Ooh, sounds cool.

The Phantom Cabinet by Jeremy Thompson - This one showed up out of nowhere, and sounds like a blend of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror with a young man haunted by the ghost of an astronaut and pursued by a malevolent entity.

Blight Digest (Fall 2014) - A little horror fiction, especially of the short variety, is always welcome on my Kindle. I thought I already had this one, but when it showed up as a freebie last week, I was surprised to learn it was not. Well, it is now.

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