April 28, 2015

My Thirst for Horror: a guest post by J.M. Shorney, author of "Night of All Evil"

Night Of All EvilFreya Monroe used to be part of a circle that engaged in the occult, but has turned her back on it. However the circle are determined to bring her back into the fold, to use her powers for their means, including resurrecting their leader from the dead. The group will stop at nothing to achieve their aims and Freya must call on all her resources to resist the power of evil. But will it be enough?

A tense tale of gothic horror – not for the faint-hearted.

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My thirst for Horror, Witchcraft, and the fascination with Highgate Cemetery
by JM Shorney

What is it that draws us down the Dark Path of Evil?

My interest in what is known in satanic circles as the Left Hand Path began at the age of seventeen. Maybe it was even earlier, when as a child I thrilled to my father's winter entertainment of telling the inevitable ghost story.

But these were no tales of fiction, for my father possessed the ability to see dead people. This ability lessened as he grew older, but as a youth, he recounted tales of ghostly coachman and mysterious lights disappearing into gnarled old trees. Of headless horsemen, and a spectral hunt riding through an abandoned priory. His stories of otherworldly apparitions fuelled my appetite for things to come.

As a teenager I was invited to join a coven of witches. I was chosen because I devoured so many books on the Occult and psychic self defence. Although what I knew of these covens, their Satanic Masses consisted of young girls dancing naked around a bonfire, prey to all kinds of temptations.

My father knew of these things, and threw the letter in the fire.

My first novel I released through Amazon, All of them Vampires!, takes a journey through history, beginning with the French Revolution where we meet the vampire the Comte de Santigny, whom I based on Comte De Saint Germain, a man reputed to be immortal. I then take the story to Highgate Cemetery where Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal, the wife of the artist and poet, Dante Gabriel Rossetti lies. The vampire is Lizzie, taken by the Old One at the hour of her suicide.

My fascination with the old Victorian cemetery in North London comes alive once again in Night Of All Evil. The night in question is All Hallows Eve, or All Souls, when the veil is thinnest and the dead allegedly walk among us. There is no night better chosen than to resurrect the satanist Dante LeVey. LeVey, once as powerful as either John Dee or Aleister Crowley, breathed his last, on December 31st, 1999.

He promised to return with the help of his coven, the Hecate Circle, following three virgin sacrifices and an unblemished host body. Then he would release chaos and debauchery to the world. The night of his death murder and crime were rife, that people considered to be due to the end of the century. There is only one person capable of both returning him to the world and his destruction; the most powerful witch and medium Freya Monroe.

Freya, apart from helping the bereaved as a medium, is in retirement. Not even her second husband is aware of her powers. In the wake of her departure from the Circle ten years previously, disillusioned by their debauched ways, her first husband Richard was discovered burned to death at the wheel of his car while the rest of the interior remained unmarked.

The Circle want her back, They need her for the powerful ritual. LeVey, once her lover. needs her but she is afraid for her husband and son. She fears they will be destroyed as Richard was. When the Circle kidnap the Monroes six year old son, and hold him at the mercy of a powerful demon, Freya has no choice but to return to the Circle.

Ex-US Army captain, Nick Monroe, Freya's husband, has had his share of warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq. No witches are going to scare him that easily. All Freya has is her love for her husband and son, her faith and Holy Water. Which is the most powerful?

Both of the Monroes will do battle against the Dark Forces in their own way, well, with a bit of help from an anthropologist and a jaded police inspector, as they all convene on a ruined chapel in Highgate Wood on the most unholy of nights .

As an avid reader of the late Dennis Wheatley's novels, The Satanist, The Haunting Of Toby Jugg and The Devil Rides Out, this book is my homage to one of the master storytellers of the last century.

I have also written several crime novels from the perspective of the criminal, including a trilogy dealing with a young gangster's release from prison. This character, Aidan McRaney, embarks on a sexual and criminal rampage, before settling down with his woman and his children, but he has a reputation that will always be exploited. Exploring the darker side of the human mind makes a fascinating vehicle for the written word. Ive recently finished a new story in the Aidan McRaney saga called The Dangerous Ones, where vengeance is shadowing McRaney’s life in shocking and twisted ways.

Im also working on another gothic horror. A young parapsychologist, in the belief that demons do not exist, conjures one up by mistake. This particular demon is not called the Destroyer for nothing, and murder and chaos is unleashed in a quiet Cornish village in The Existence Of Demons.

All my books can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other outlets. Also on my webpage at JMShorney.Wordpress.com

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