March 23, 2015

He Ain't Hairy, He's My Brother: an audiobook review of Tonia Brown's "Devouring Milo"

Devouring Milo
by Tonia Brown
narration by Luke Smith
Running time: 4 hrs and 50 mins.
Published 2014

After reading Tonia Brown's Skin Trade and Lucky Stiff, it was readily apparent she knew how to twist the zombie genre in new and interesting ways. So when I had the chance to listen to this audiobook, I had to wonder what she would have in store for the werewolf mythos. Hoo boy, she had plans.

The Bentley brothers, Spencer and Milo, are killers. Though, Spencer being the older brother leaves him calling the shots, and taking more of a fiendish delight in the trail of blood they leave behind. But it's when Milo is attacked by a werewolf one night that the family dynamic changes ... in more ways than one.

The interplay between these two brothers feels almost Shakespearean in nature, although there's less eloquence in their back-and-forth than there are expletives. Throw in the fact that Milo's shifting into a wolf has a bit of a Jekyll & Hyde element, and the dynamic becomes all the intriguing.

Giving voice to these characters was Luke Smith's narration, who did a real good job conveying the tension, rivalry, and deeply flawed nature of each character. His performance as the wolf was especially chilling.

If you're looking for something a little off the beaten path with your werewolf stories, but want something raw and nasty all the same, this book is for you. And if you can score the Audible version, the performance should make the experience that much more visceral.

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