March 19, 2015

Cockfight Like Hell: a review of Nikki Nelson-Hicks' "A Chick, a Dick, and a Witch Walk Into a Barn"

A Chick, a Dick, and a Witch Walk Into a Barn
Jake Istenhegyi, The Accidental Detective Book 1
by Nikki Nelson-Hicks
Pro Se Press (2014)
27 pages
Available at

A little book that packs a wallop. And the devilishly long title to the book should give you fair indication just what kind of story to expect.

Jake is a Hungarian ex-pat now running his dead dad's bookshop in New Orleans, basically living the American dream ... such as it is. Bear, a private-eye and Jake's tenant, since Jake only uses one floor of the building, borrows Jake's car to  in search of a fella who moved down there to be with his lady love, but the fellas' family hasn't heard from his since. Nothing to it, and Jake is always eager to learn a little more from Bear about sleuthing so he thinks nothing of lending his prized wheels, until some time passes and Bear doesn't return. So Jake heads out to find him--and his car--and winds up in a whole heap of Bayou badness.

If you enjoy the weirdness that comes from genre mashups that see private-eyes, accidental or otherwise, tangling with witches and their foul fowl (terrible wordplay, I know), then you'll no doubt get a kick out of this. In quick fashion, Nikki presents Jake as a bit of a hapless and likable guy, eager to learn the trade and amazingly lucky when it comes to not winding up dead at the hands of feathered fiends.

I found it very fun, very gruesome, and a very effective opener to what I hope is a slew of Jake Istenhegyi stories.