December 26, 2014

Chasing Tale: Boxing Day Edition

Did you have a Merry Christmas? Are you about done with turkey for the next little while? Feeling like you need a few days of recuperation before New Year's Eve? Yeah, don't we all. How about a new year's resolution? Do you have one of those picked out yet? Yeah, me neither.

I'm not sure I'll even do a reading resolution this year. My seasonal affective disorder always kicks in about now and this year's case of it has sucked the high spirits right out of me. Maybe in 2015 I'll feel just chipper enough to come up with something. Until then, however, I have a bunch more books to occupy my time. I didn't even make up any year-end lists this year, because I just don't have it in me to do it when there are so many unread books from this year glaring at me from  across the room.

My Kindle is still kaput and considering a fair number of these were scored on the Kindle Store, it'll be a while before I get round to 'em. But it's good to know they're there. What did you get reading-wise for Christmas? Leave a comment and let me know.

Crashing Through Mirrors and The 1st Short Story Collection by Anonymous-9 - Along with lining up an interview with Anonymous-9, which you'll be seeing on the blog in January, her new novella and first story story collection found their way on my to-be-read pile.

Red Rising by Pierce Brown - The sequel to this sci-fi novel is coming out in 2015 and I keep hearing great things about it. Then, out of the blue, NoiseTrade offered it up as a free PDF in early December. Boom. Done.

Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow by Ray Cluley - Spectral Press has a new novella coming out and this one with its arctic horror set in the desolate reaches of Greenland sounds like some timely winter reading.

Twisted by Michaelbrent Collings - I've been meaning to read a Collings novel, given he's one of the indy authors I've read good things about, plus he's sounds like an affable chap on the podcast interviews I've listened to, so this new haunted house novel might be just the ticket.

Tokyo Raider by Larry Correia - I bought the first few books in Correia's Monster Hunter series, but he also has a series called Grimnoir that sounds promising too, so when Audible gave me a list of titles to review, I figured I would give this new Audible-exclusive short story a go.

The Bullet Catcher's Daughter by Rod Duncan - I interviewed Rod back in August, which you can read by clicking here, but I never got around to buying his novel with the enticing premise, title, and cover art until this month when it went on sale for two bucks.

The Lost Level by Brian Keene - There's a new Keene novel coming out in January 2015, and it sounds like a bit of a departure from his more grizzly fare, as this feels like an homage to the stranger in a strange land type of tales the action/adventure genre enjoys. I am nothing if not intrigued.

DarkNet by John R. Little - One of the most mesmerizing novels I've read in recent years is John R. Little's Miranda. I should have hunted down another of his books sooner, but you know how things go. Thankfully, Journalstone Publishing had an ebook sale this month and offered up this one for a mere 99 cents. Easy buy.

Bluff City Brawler (Fight Card Series) by Heath Lowrance - A killer on the run from the mob with a showdown in the ring? Oh yeah, I think I'd like a front row seat for this one.

Albion Fay by Mark Morris - A new novella is due this spring from Mark Morris via Spectral Press. A couple of kids go exploring the English countryside while on vacation. What could go wrong? Well, leave it to Morris and Spectral to find a way.

Contamination Boxed Set by T.W. Piperbrook - I signed up for Tyler's newsletter this month and snagged myself a free omnibus ebook in the process. Neat-o. Some southern-fried apocalypse action? Don't mind if I do.

Invisible Fences by Norman Prentiss - I could've sworn I had bought this book already, but in seeing Norman had a birthday in December, I double-checked the Kindle Store and lo and behold, I'd yet to add it to my TBR pile. Problem solved.

Apocalypticon by Clayton Smith - This one popped up as a freebie this month and it might have slipped under the radar, but a couple of writers whose work I enjoy gave it a thumbs up, so I figured I'd better snag it while the snaggin' was good.

Coffin Hop: Death by Drive-In by various authors - I actually won this from Axel Howerton during the Halloween Coffin Hop. It's an anthology chockful of stories that sound right up my alley. And the proceeds of any purchase apparently go to, which battles illiteracy in developing countries.

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