November 27, 2014

Chasing Tale [11/27/14]: Cold Turkey Kindle Style

Chasing Tale is a regular look at the most recent books to wind up on my to-be-read pile, along with a rant on whatever is on my mind.

Three years. I guess I should be thankful that my Kindle lasted that long.

But this week, three years after I got it for Christmas, my Kindle is kaput. So, until I can get that unpleasantness straightened out, reading Kindle books is not an option. Pity too, because there's a bunch on my TBR pile, and quite a few more that wound up on it recently. Looks like I'm going cold turkey.

I guess this gives me license to raid my actual bookshelf with a little more zeal, plus there is the smattering of epubs and PDFs sent my way that I can read on my jalopy of a Nook, so it's not like I'm left wanting for books.

A Case of Noir by Paul D. Brazill - Here's a short novel, bordering on novella, that features a love triangle involving a mob boss and his moll and a British boozehound. That sounds good to me.

Outrage at Blanco by Bill Crider - True Grit meets Gran Turino? Oh, heck yeah. Originally published back in '98, Brash Books have breathed new life into this one.

Superheroes Anonymous by Lexie Dunne - An ace reporter continuously saved in the nick of time by a superhero, only for rumors to circulate that the masked man is really her boyfriend. Heh. Sounds like some light-hearted romping with super-powers. I'm in.

Snowblind by Christopher Golden - I interviewed Christopher just last week. You can click here to read that if you like. Now I have my hands on a copy of his new horror novel. This might make for some festive reading this Christmas. Festive or frightening, one or the other.

The Beloved by J.F. Gonzalez - Gonzalez died earlier this month. A talented and beloved horror writer, the guy is sorely missed by those who knew him best. As for me, I'll do what I always do when a writer dies: read his work.

Tides of Maritinia by Warren Hammond - Here's a scifi novel coming out next week through Harper Voyager Impulse. I also having an interview with Warren coming up next week too, so keep an eye out for that.

Fearie Tales edited by Stephen Jones - This anthology of fairy tales sounds really promising, with dark and twisted re-imaginings of beloved classics that, quite frankly, already have some dark and twisted origins. Should prove interesting.

The Cost of Living by David Moody - Maybe I already have enough zombie fiction on my TBR pile, but David Moody is pretty darned good and when I saw this novel for less than a buck on the Kindle Store, it was an easy buy.

Lover Man by Dallas Murphy - A crime novel with a dog? Okay, you have my attention. Released vid Brash Books, this first book in a reluctant private-eye series sounds right up my alley.

Buried Memories by Kelli Owen - A novella from Kelli, this time about a guy who undergoes hypnosis to quit smoking only for his dreams to get a little too real for good. Neat.

Rake by Scott Phillips - I figured I should get a Scott Phillips book on my TBR pile. I rewatched The Ice Harvest earlier in the year and just enjoyed the heck out of it even more, but instead of buying a new copy of that novel, I decided to go for something more recent that I hadn't read yet. This one looks great.

A Dark and Winding Road by Matthew Weber - This is a new short story collection that arrived in my inbox recently. Eleven horror stories totaled, all set in the American south. Ah, some good ol' southern gothic action.

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