October 2, 2014

Trailer for "The Rage Vol. 1: Zombie Generation" by Pierre Boisserie and Malo Kerfriden

This coming Tuesday sees the release of a new graphic novel from Titan Comics, and for zombie lovers it could be just the thing you've been waiting for if The Walking Dead has worn out its welcome.

Titan Comics released a book trailer on YouTube this week and the book looks pretty wild. I mean, zombie kids! Kids can be creepy enough in horror, but turning them all into brain-munching zombies just ... blech ... full body shiver, right there.

Take a look at the trailer and tell me what you think.

Writer: Pierre BoisserieArtist: Malo Kerfriden 48pp - 8 X 11 - HC - FC - $9.99 - On Sale: October 7

A new pandemic virus, a mutated form of rabies, spreads throughout the world. It affects only children, turning them into mindless, violent killers, hungry for blood.

Now humanity faces an impossible choice: kill every child – or face extinction… The government tries to save those infected by keeping them locked away until a treatment becomes possible.

The government men find protecting the children more and more difficult, however, for large militia groups now roam the land – with a single-minded purpose: to kill all the infected, and cleanse the world of the virus. Meet Amina; a young mother battling to save her son – but she finds not only their lives hanging in the balance, but her humanity, and that of everyone around her, too.

The Rage Vol. 1: Zombie Generation is on sale from Oct 7 2014. 

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