October 29, 2014

Chasing Tale [10/29/14]: Go Big or Ghomeshi

Chasing Tale is a recurring highlight of the most recent books to wind up on my bookshelves, as well as a rant about whatever is on my mind.

I do not give a damn about Jian Ghomeshi's sex life. He says he enjoys partaking in a "mild form of Fifty Shades of Grey? Fine. Knock yourself out, pal. I really don't need to know. But, near I can tell, the CBC didn't fire him because he's kinda kinky. They fired him because multiple women allege he sexually harassed/assaulted them. That's not kink. That's criminal. It also gives me the creeps.

Taking the guy at his word, I might be inclined to draw parallels between what he is now going through and what Zoe Quinn has been put through for the past few months via Gamergate. Where she has received ceaseless hostility online that was precipitated by the public ravings of an ex-lover, Ghomeshi finds himself the focus of "a campaign of false allegations pursued by a jilted ex girlfriend and a freelance writer." Except, actually reading about what's being alleged through the Toronto Star's investigation by not just one, but so far four women, the whole thing resembles less the Zoe Quinn turmoil than it does that of Sam Pepper's ousting from his pedestal on YouTube amid multiple allegations of sexual assault.

And now that the allegations have been made public, things are getting ugly. Jian Ghomeshi is receiving equal parts support and criticism surrounding his public response to the allegations and his unemployment, and the thus-far-unnamed women behind the allegations are also on the receiving end of criticism for not putting their names on the record or filing reports with the police. Well, looking at these statistics, it's little wonder a victim of sexual assault is hesitant to go to the police. And given the prevalence of “doxxing” these days, especially involving women, I would not be the least bit surprised to find the identities of these women splashed across the internet in the near future. Who is telling the truth? No way of knowing yet, but I doubt very much this "campaign" is orchestrated by some nefarious cabal of "jilted" women who have banded together like some Legion of Doom to take down Jian Ghomeshi and his team of Super Friends. While everyone screeches and hollers their opinion right now, there is a lot more information yet to be revealed.

Switching the focus to books now, Jian Ghomeshi has been removed as the host of next week's telecast for the 2014 Giller Prize, Canada's most prestigious literary award, and replaced by one of my favorite comedians, Rick Mercer. While Ghomeshi flourishes in one-on-one conversations as proven by his years in radio, I never considered him that great of an emcee. His banter in previous telecasts feels either pretentious or wooden, so I can only see the inclusion of Rick Mercer as a vast improvement for the gala.

I'm interested to see who walks away with the Giller this year, as the last few years have seen some damned good books get the big nod. Looking at the shortlist, Heather O'Neill's The Girl Who Was Saturday Night is the one I find most intriguing and my pick to win it all. We'll find out November 10.

And speaking of books, more found their way to my Kindle and bookshelves. Take a look.

Just So You Know I'm Not Dead by Anonymous-9 - I snagged this trio of short stories as a freebie last week.

Welcome to the Octagon (Fight Card MMA) by Gerard Brennan (as Jack Tunney) - Fight Card has a slew of novellas and short novels published, but this MMA-themed one came up as a freebie last week on the Kindle Store. This time around it's written by Gerard Brennan working under the Jack Tunney pen name.

Sword Sisters by Tara Cardinal and Alex Bledsoe -No chain mail bras on these lasses. It's full body armor and a whole lot of badassery by the looks of it.

Dead Leaves by Kealan Patrick Burke -I snagged this freebie from Smashwords courtesy of Kealan. And it's free for a couple more days, so get yourself some complimentary horror short stories, why don't ya.

Exponential by Adam Cesare -Okay, Adam has a real knack for crafting a horror story that can wrench the gut, both emotionally and physically. This upcoming novel through Samhain Horror might be going for the latter with a tale of a lab mouse that just keeps growing as it goes on a rampage. This just might be awesome.

Suspended in Dusk edited by Simon Dewar - This new anthology came to my attention by Alan Baxter or John Everson or somebody. Either way, the list of contributing authors is impressive with its blend of new and old.

Bloodshot: Kingdom of Shadows by Jonathan Janz - I have not read any of Valiant Comics' Bloodshot series, but this Kindle Worlds ebook by Jonathan Janz was less than two bucks, so a cheap Janz book is good enough for me.

The God Project by Stan Lee - This is a re-release through Brash Books coming out soon. I didn't even know Stan Lee had written thrillers. Excelsior!

Burial Ground by Michael McBride - I received an Audible review copy from its narrator, Gary Tiedemann. It's a horror novel about an expedition into the Peruvian jungle after the discovery a tribe long thought extinct and a father out to solve his son's murder.

High Moor by Graeme Reynolds - I already have the Kindle edition, but I recently received the Audible edition, narrated by Chris Barnes, and listening to the first couple of chapters has impressed me already with the production quality. Werewolves in smalltown England? Oh my, yes.

Slush by Glenn Rolfe - Glenn has a new batch of short stories collected together this fall.

October Tales by Steve Vernon -So does Steve. Kind of a trend this Halloween, it feels like.


  1. Hi Gef!
    Ugh, I'm not even going to comment re: Ghomeshi, but needless to say, I'm with you on the "I don't care" and "really didn't want to know that" parts ;-)
    On to the books, I saw about "Sword Sisters" and it looks amazing--totally up my alley, so I'll check it out for sure. Thumbs up on the Kealan Patrick Burke and Adam Cesare and I had no idea re: the audiobook version of "High Moor," which I loved (there's a clip of Chris Barnes doing a reading in the UK at a con earlier this year, which was great!) Happy reading, dude :-)

  2. Okay, Fightcard looks like a gay porn novel.

  3. Anita - High Moor wound up being pretty entertaining. Reminded me of those ol' Hammer horror films a bit.

    Ryan - The cover may be misleading in that regard. :)