October 15, 2014

Chasing Tale [10/15/14]: Jolly Olde Censorship

Chasing Tale is a recurring highlight of the most recent books to wind up on my bookshelves, as well as a rant about whatever is on my mind.

A few days ago an article popped up on The Guardian. Long story short, a British man wrote a book highlighting his childhood experiences of sexual abuse. It was set to be published, but his ex-wife hired a lawyer who successfully got an injunction on the book's publication. You might be wondering on what grounds could such a thing happen, as I was since the book isn't about the ex-wife. Well, they have a young son and the ex-wife claims that the subject matter could traumatize the boy if he ever read the book.

Keep in mind that this is not a children's book. This is essentially a memoir, which I'm pretty sure is not the kind of book in high demand among children. I could be wrong, but unless this bleak subject matter is accompanied by some very macabre pop-up pages, I can't imagine the man's son, or any other child for that matter, would give an iota of a crap about reading it. But that reasoning was enough to literally stop the presses.

And on top of the rather insane ruling is the even more insane manner by which the British courts have rendered the entire case in secrecy:

The details of the case are shrouded in such extensive secrecy that the artist can be identified only as MLA, his exact form of performance cannot be described and his publishers can be named only as STL. His son, whose age cannot be published – other than to say that he is “approaching his teenage years” – can be named only as OPO. The boy’s mother can be identified only as BHM.
All this because a boy might--not will, only might--read a book.

Well, for god's sake, don't let that kid anywhere near these books either, if that's the case:

Factory Town by Jon Bassoff - Jon's second novel with DarkFuse keeps up the super cheery atmosphere--oh wait, did I say super cheery? I meant oppressively bleak. Yeah, because I don't think there are many musical numbers in the apocalyptic ghost town in which this book is set.

The Family Tree by John Everson - John's latest novel is out via Samhain Horror with a deliciously evil cover and a story involving what I think is some kind of demonic moonshine. Anyone else feeling thirsty?

Sleepy Hollow High: Horseman by Christopher Golden - Speaking of quadrilogy, here is the first book in Christopher's urban fantasy series. I think all four books are sold as an omnibus, too.

Santa's Little Helper by H.D. Gordon - This one is up for pre-order right now, set for release on Halloween. Just in time to get you in the Christmas spirit ... sort of. You can check out her guest post from a couple day ago too, if you're curious to learn more about the book (just click here).

Raiju: A Kaiju Hunter Novel by K.H. Koehler - Kaiju! It's just a banner year for giant monsters, I suppose. Last I saw on Monday, this novel was still free on the Kindle Store too, so you might snag yourself a cheapie if you're quick.

White Knight by Bracken MacLeod - An idealistic attorney finds himself in a last ditch effort to save a young boy and his mother from an abusive monster. This novella from One Eye Press has been on my radar for a while now and I finally decided to add it to my Kindle.

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