September 30, 2014

Infernal Inspirations: a guest post by G.R. Wilson, author of "Right Behind You"

Hello literary world! My name is G.R. Wilson, and I try to minimize how much I write about myself in third person. I'm a relatively new author: I used to write short stories frequently in elementary school, and then for whatever reason just sort of stopped as I got older. In college a couple years ago I started again, and ended up publishing my first book, Right Behind You: Tales of the Spooky and Strange in Fall 2013. This month, my short story The Tale of Patchy Jack was featured in Michael K. Silva's The Nightmare Engine, Issue 7.

Right Behind You is a scary story anthology, and I wrote with the Young Adult demographic (around ages 13 and up) in mind, though I venture that people much older than that enjoy it. My goal was to write some stories that would be good for campfire reading, some better suited to solitary late-night reading, and some suited for both.

In my Horror writing, (and Horror is my specialty genre for right now,) I'm inspired by many things: my own dreads and phobias, ghost stories I heard as a kid, history, technology. I'm confident that this wide range of inspiration shows in my book, where the stories feature everything from a Borg-like, hive-mind computer, to Lovecraftian tentacle beasts, to deranged doctors, to a wereskunk. And, good old-fashioned traditional ghosts, too.

The way I wrote Right Behind You was this: a couple years ago as I said, when I began writing again after a decade long hiatus, I quickly jumped to writing Horror. It's always just been a genre (among others) that's excited my imagination, and, I used to have nasty nightmares as a kid, so I think writing and talking about Horror has been a form of “taking control” for me. Anyway, I wrote one scary story, then another, then another, and then I had many short scary stories, I took some good ones, edited them, and self-published them into a book. My friend helped me edit, and another friend did the cover art, for which I'm very grateful.

When I'm not writing about giant neon hybrid spider/wasps and ancient Cambodian dragons, (look for my next book this October 1st by the way; Paranoia: More Dark Tales from the Mind of G.R. Wilson) I like to ride horses, collect and play war board games, run, and spend time with my bad-ass and supportive girlfriend. A few of my favorite fiction writers include Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Ayn Rand, and Mark Twain.

My official website is You can find all kinds of information, excerpts, and news there. Most importantly: you can sign up for my free twice-a-month newsletter there, in which I give out free scary stories, news on my upcoming projects, and recommendations of other good Horror media I come across. Subscribers will get a special offer regarding my second book, Paranoia, another Horror anthology, which I aim towards an older demographic.

Anyway, thanks for allowing me to introduce myself and my work to you. If you're in the mood for scary stories you can read in a single sitting, and you like variety, please consider checking out the excerpts and reviews of my book. And, sign up for my newsletter: you get a free story just for signing up!

Best regards,

G.R. Wilson

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