June 30, 2014

Hair of the Dog(ged) Detective: a review of Paul D. Brazill's "Roman Dalton: Werewolf P.I."

Roman Dalton: Werewolf P.I.
by Paul D. Brazill
Blackwitch Press (2013)
69 pages

With this collection of six short stories involving a werewolf private-eye, I find myself wishing there was a Saturday morning cartoon adaptation for it. Granted, the subject matter might wind up psychologically scarring little children, but I don't have children so that's not my problem.

Roman Dalton is the kind of world-weary gumshoe you might find familiar if you read a lot of hard-boiled fiction, but the werewolf aspect sends him into that realm of urban fantasy that I have grown to love most. It's gritty, grimy, and gratifying.

Individually, each story might feel like more of a teaser than anything. They are each as quick as a hiccup, but the economy of words shows of Brazill's ability to not muddy up a story with heavy description and introspection. As a collection, each story bleeds into the next, with a cavalcade of some of the most weirdly suited characters you're likely to find in the genre. If the lycanthropic detective isn't a big tipoff, how about the zombie muscle, voodoo kingpins, or even femme fatale witches.

I want more of Roman Dalton and my knock on this book is that it's just so brief. There are more Roman Dalton stories out there on the Kindle Store though, penned by an assortment of writers using Brazill's brainchild, so I have those to look forward to, but I could really go for a novel-length story. Maybe in time, but for now fans of urban fantasy noir should check out these stories to see if they leave you hungry for more.


  1. Thanks very much.Glad you enjoyed Roman's world.

  2. I can deal with hard boiled to a point, I definetly love some authors more than others. I tend to avoid urban fantasy though, too much of it is the same.