May 30, 2014

Old Hermits Die Hard: a review of Jonathan Janz's "Savage Species Part 5: The Old One"

Savage Species Part 5: The Old One
by Jonathan Janz
Samhain Horror (2013)
95 pages

After four installments of blood-soaked carnage, Savage Species reaches its end. And it should come as no surprise it does so in bloody fashion.

Peaceful Valley is practically a distant memory for the survivors of the Children's massacre, as they've sought shelter and safety inside the labyrinthine caverns underground. Although the number of survivors has dwindled drastically, and shelter and safety are kind of false hopes with an innumerable horde of Children and other baddies lurking underground. Oh, and the Old One.

Tapping into my old Nintendo memories of scratching and clawing through game levels only to come face to face with a gigantic boss, Jonathan Janz's Old One is epic in scale and pure of bad-assery. Granted, there are a couple supernatural elements to the humongous horror that had me scratching my head, but if nothing else those traits helped keep the pace of this climactic conclusion in the red zone.

A pretty good capper to the whole adventure. Just shy of spectacular, but heck, it was still a fun thrillride the whole way through. It's bundled together as a complete novel now, so if you're going to get this book, you're probably better off going that route.

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