April 9, 2014

Chasing Tale [4/9/14]: April Showers (or It's Raining Books)

Chasing Tale is a recurring feature in which I highlight the latest books to show up on my bookshelf and Kindle. Some are freebies, some are review copies, some are bargains and hidden gems.

What are your most anticipated reads of 2014? I never really took the time to think about yet this year. Off the top of my head there are two future releases that are on my watch list: Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes and Matthew McBride's A Swollen Red Sun. There's also Megan Abbott's new one, The Fever. I dunno, maybe I will make a list sometime.

In the meantime, as you scroll down to leave a comment to tell me yours, have a gander at the books I longer have to anticipate as they are now on my to-be-read pile.

The Night Inside by Nancy Baker - Here's an ebook reissue from Chizine Publications of a novel from around twenty years ago, with such a cool-sounding twist on vampires I'm surprised this is the first I'm hearing about it.

The Year I Died Seven Times (Book #3) by Eric Beetner - The serial crime novel continues with its third installment this month. Got some time to read all three before the fourth installment arrives in June.

Gnomageddon by Tonia Brown -Okay, Tonia has a pretty wide scope when it comes to her genre loves. Zombies, steampunk, and now gnomes. I can only imagine how she has twisted these little guys to her will.

Bless Your Mechanical Heart edited by Jennifer Brozek - A clever title for an anthology dedicated to all things robot. Evil Girlfriend Media sent this one my way.

Linden Manor by Catherine Cavendish - Last year Samhain Publishing held a competition for writers to submit novellas in the gothic horror genre, and Cavendish's novella here is the first place winner and gets the first release this spring.

Bombshell by Barbara and Max Allan Collins - This sounds incredible. Marilyn Monroe protects Russian ruler Nikita Khrushchev from assassins in Disneyland. If that doesn't sell you on this book, nothing will.

Ravenswing by Jonathan Glendening - Director by day, author by night? This is Glendening's first horror novel, but it sounds promising, with a man seeking help for a young girl after a terrible car wreck only to be chased by the girl's psychotic father.

Regulation 19 by P.T. Hylton - An ex-con is unexpectedly afforded his freedom, only to returned to his Tennessee hometown and find things aren't quite right. And something even worse might be lurking on the outskirts of town. Spooky.

Miles to Little Ridge by Heath Lowrance - Ah, some western goodness with Gideon Miles doling out some justice.

After: Milepost 291 by Scott Nicholson - This is the third book, fourth if you count the prequel, to Nicholson's post-apocalyptic thriller series. I snagged it last week for a buck, and if you're quick you might do the same.

Deceiver by Kelli Owen - A widower grieves for his murdered wife, then finds out through a hidden diary that she was leading a second life. Oh, this good be good with Owen at the helm. Very keen on checking out this novella from DarkFuse.

Witches, Stitches & Bitches edited by Shannon Page - This was a freebie I snagged off the Kindle Store by Evil Girlfriend Media.

Peeler by Gord Rollo - Here's a free novelette I found last week by fellow Canadian and horror hound. Nto sure what it's about, but I wouldn't be surprised if the title took on a literal connotation.

Dove Season by Johnny Shaw - Suppose your dad is dying of cancer and you go to be by his side in his final days. What do you suppose would be his last wish? In this case, he asks his son to go to Mexico in search of a hooker. Hunh.

The Booked. Anthology edited by Pela Via - One of my favorite podcasts has an anthology, featuring authors I either already read or am keeping on my watch list from here on out.

Night Terrors by Tim Waggoner - A new series from Waggoner via Angry Robot. I really like that cover. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the story matches it.

The Busy Body by Donald E. Westlake - A mob boss finds out the henchman he just buried was wearing a suit lined with a small fortune in heroine. One poor sap will have to dig him up, then go on a desperate hunt when the body isn't there.

Little Boy Lost by T.M. Wright - Re-published by Uninvited Books, I picked this one up after seeing multiple recommendations following word of Wright's health issues. I have The Island on my TBR pile already, but this one was less than $3 on Kindle, so struck me as a bargain.

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