February 4, 2014

Moral Monsters: a guest post by Brent Coffey, author of "Fight"

Brent Coffey is a college student, an avid reader, and a guy who’s hopelessly addicted to fiction. He splits his time in Eastern Kentucky between writing term papers for school and writing thrillers for fun. FIGHT is his first novel, and he’s currently writing a sequel based on surviving characters. He began writing FIGHT in early 2013, after recovering from a life-threatening illness.

a guest post about Fight by Brent Coffey

Brace yourself for a fight! Boston’s District Attorney, Bruce Hudson, must prosecute the Mafia to keep the city safe, but the Mafia doesn’t play fair. The Adelaide family floods the city’s red-light district with drugs and prostitutes, and the family will stop at nothing to preserve its unsavory empire. In the shadows of the underworld lurks a cast of mobsters, dirty cops, and frightened politicians… and only Bruce is ballsy enough to risk everything to take on the mob. But Bruce’s courage is challenged when the young boy he’s trying to adopt, August Middleton, goes missing, and all that’s left in August’s place is a cryptic message. I’ll get you your boy. The message haunts Bruce and frightens him for August’s safety. When August’s social worker’s condo is trashed, Bruce realizes all too late that the Adelaides will stop at nothing to protect their illicit cash flow, even if it means using a vulnerable child to force the DA’s office into a backroom deal. Bruce learns the hard way that Victor Adelaide and his son, Gabe, aren’t just monsters. They’re the worst kind of all: moral monsters.

Victor Adelaide has secured the winner’s portion of Boston’s black market real estate, and Gabe will one day inherit the family business. But the Adelaides’ plans of conducting business as usual go haywire, when they face Bruce in court. Gabe is arrested and charged with multiple counts of protection racketeering, as Bruce attempts to take down the would-be successor to the Adelaides’ machinations. While he’s on trial, Gabe dispatches the family’s muscle to spy on Bruce, looking for negotiating leverage that the DA can’t resist, and he discovers August. Five-year-old August Middleton has been in foster care since he was three, after his dad killed August’s mom and then killed himself, in a tragic homicide-suicide. After Gabe learns that Bruce and his wife, Martha, are trying to give August a home, Gabe intervenes in unexpected ways.

Can Bruce protect an orphan from the Mafia’s thirst for revenge? Or will the Adelaides eliminate the last Middleton left? Two different families’ worlds collide, and only one will survive.

FIGHT is available via Amazon and other places online where books are sold.

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