January 10, 2014

The Mirrored Staircase: a guest post and crowd-funding campaign by Rico Lamoureux

The Mirrored Staircase Trilogy: A Crowd-Funding Campaign

Like all of you, I grew up mesmerized by horrific storytelling. The buzz-cutting and meat hooks of Leatherface... Freddy's razor-sharp glove and twisted sense of humor... The flesh-tearing expertise of Pinhead and his demonic cenobites... (The character of Jules and her Cenobites Cove in my novella, Starving For Genius, is somewhat of a homage to the film series). 

Fangoria was my magazine of choice, and if you would have asked me back then what I was going to be when I grew up I would have said a special effects make-up artist. But it turns out destiny had other plans for me, as I am now an author of multi-genre novellas, but horror indeed helped shape in me a talent for storytelling. And now I've taken that passion for dark tales and have written a set of graphic novellas entitled The Mirrored Staircase Trilogy

A story of innocence, betrayal, and revenge, the bloodshed is as cringe-worthy as the enthralling sick shit we grew up on, while the sex goes beyond R! So yeah, definitely not for the little tween twihard fuckers! 

I've started a crowd-funding campaign to help me raise funds for the hiring of an illustrator, and those who contribute will actually be getting over 30% off what the cost of the trilogy will be, as well as an opportunity to own a signed piece of artwork! 

If you'd like to help get this intense story launched in time for Halloween 2014, check out the following link. 

With your support, we're going to change how people look at straight razors, along with the mirrors in their bathrooms!

Let the fear begin! 

To learn more about the campaign and trilogy, visit:

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