January 6, 2014

Going Back to the Classics: a guest post by A.J. Raven, author of "Arousing the Legacy"

Going back to the Classics
by A.J. Raven

When it comes to the paranormal, I like the classics. I have nothing against writers who want to depict supernatural beings their own way. But when I see a vampire who is in love … well, that’s just not for me. I like vampires to be manipulative and blood thirsty. I want to be fascinated and afraid of them. The same holds true for other beings: werewolves, witches, zombies, etc. The want to give readers something similar is what led me to start writing eight years ago, when I was 15. Not only that, I wanted to write about characters that weren’t just black and white. Human beings are complex creatures and trying to label them as only ‘good’ or ‘bad’ doesn’t do them justice. People change with time, especially when growing up.

My first novel ‘Arousing the Legacy – The Colville Mysteries’ is everything I wanted as a reader myself. The vampire that’s introduced in the very first pages is similar to the ones I grew up with. The ones who will manipulate people to get what they want, who strike fear in whoever sets eyes on them. Vampires are thirsty for blood and they won’t hesitate to kill for fun either. The werewolves are similar too. They think of humans as an inferior species, beings that shouldn’t even exist, with their fragile bodies and weak senses.

Witchcraft also plays a role in the story, dark magic that shouldn’t be tampered with. The zombies that come in the story are the dead that have been resurrected for a sinister purpose. Because they are being controlled by someone, they are ‘smart’ and that’s what the main characters have to deal with.

Talking about the main characters, the story revolves around five teenage friends, Anya, Susan, Eric, Carl and Tabitha. Even though they are the main characters, and the protagonists, I would warn readers not to trust them. They are still teenagers and there’s still a lot that can happen. We are molded by our experiences and the same holds true for the characters in the story. The things they have to face are just beginning. These experiences will change them as people. They will have to make choices and come to terms with a secret that’s connected to one of the teenagers in the group.

I try my best to make my characters as real as possible. The teenagers are confused about all the things that are happening to them. Everyone has to deal with internal conflicts. Even if they are friends and have saved each other’s lives, they can’t help but have trust issues. They don’t want to be heroes. All they are trying to do is ensure they get out alive when facing the paranormal. They have been thrown into a predicament and they can’t figure out why.

For me, ‘Arousing the Legacy’ shows the paranormal in a new light. The story takes place in the modern world, and the supernatural also has a ‘modern’ twist to it, but it still holds true to what I love: The feeling of fear when humans face the unknown and the uncertainty about where life can take them. I hope readers feel the chills whenever a supernatural being appears on the pages and stick around to see how the life of these teenagers unravels as the story progresses.

If you would like to buy yourself a copy of Arousing the Legacy, there are plenty of places to look: Barnes & Noble (Nook); Amazon.com (Kindle); Amazon.com (Paperback); iTunes; Sony; and Kobo. And check out A.J. on Twitter (@tempest071990).

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