October 1, 2013

Chasing Tale (10/1/13): What Will Be My Halloween Read?

Chasing Tale is a regular look at the books that I recently added to my to-be-read pile. Some are advance review copies, some I bought from one store or another, and others are freebies from promotional offers that caught my eye.

Last year, it was Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes, a great Halloween read. This year, however, I may go with something more current to read. Sure, I read spooky books. Lord knows my to-be-read pile is filled with books sent my way for review, and there are some really cool looking books that have gotten lost in the shuffle, and more than a couple would fit in quite well with Allhallows Eve.

One of the books I have my eye on for the occasion is Michael West's Spook House from Seventh Star Press, which came out during Halloween last year with a cool-as-heck cover and a great haunted house premise. Another is not so much Halloween-themed, but the combination of Lovecraftian horror and space opera in the Space Eldritch anthology from Cold Fusion Media could fit the bill really well. Then there is the late Rick Hautala's collection of novellas, Four Octobers, that I got from Cemetery Dance after I heard about his untimely death earlier this year.

It's a bit of a tossup, so feel free to leave a comment and let me know which book I should curl up with on October 31st. Heck, maybe one of the books I added to my TBR pile would be your choice for a Halloween read. Check 'em out.

Stripper Pole at the End of the World by Eric Beetner - A pulptastic novella featuring a one-legged stripper, biker gangs, and cannibals in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. I expect a Disney movie based on this very soon. Thanks to Eric for the signed copy.

Zippered Flesh 2 edited by Weldon Burge - I may be a fan of horror fiction, but I've never been good with body horror. I think my weak stomach gets paranoid that he's next. Anyway, this anthology is all about body enhancements gone awry, featuring authors like Lisa Mannetti, Jezzy Wolfe, Kealan Patrick Burke, and Shaun Jeffrey.

Dirty Coppers by Richard Chizmar and Ed Gorman - Cemetery Dance had another sale in September and I decided to buy a couple cheap e-books. This time around I saw this novella with a cool hard-boiled title, cover, and setup. And two talents guys as co-authors.

Hell's Door by Sandy DeLuca - Two detectives go on the hunt for a serial killer and wind up at a club called Hell's Door in this new novella published by DarkFuse. I really liked Sandy's last novella, so I'm quite hopeful for this one. It sounds incredibly atmospheric and creepy as heck.

Failure by John Everson - Originally published as a chapbook through Delirium Books quite a few years ago, this novelette now has its own e-book release. I loved Everson's novel, Covenant, from a few years ago, and I have its sequel, Sacrifice, on my to-be-read pile. Another little canape of a story is always welcome, though.

Wild Horses by Brian Hodge - The second book I bought from Cemetery Dance last month was this gritty noir from Brian Hodge. This one has a Vegas beauty on the run from his cheating ex and his showgirl partner in crime, when they find out she's taken off with their loot. 

Still Life by Tim Lebbon - This is a new novella set to come out from Spectral Press, and the premise sounds totally out there. Considering it's Lebbon, that should come as no surprise. And I have a hunch it'll be as fun to read as the cover art is to look at. I mean, just look at this work by Jim Burns

Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry - One of the monthly deals for September was this first novel in Maberry's YA zombie trilogy. I haven't read a Maberry novel in a while, not since I finished his Pine Deep trilogy, so I figured now was a great time to add one of his books to my shelf and snag a bargain in the process.

McFall by Scott Nicholson - I received the first part of Scott's new serial, McFall. On top of enjoying serial fiction more and more, this one is based in the same universe as Scott's previous novels, The Red Church and Drummer Boy. Some southern gothic goodness.

A Brief Guide to Ghost Hunting by Dr.Leo Ruickbie - I thought this was a really intriguing nonfiction title published by Constable + Robinson, dedicating all that wonderful paranormal adventuring that seems to be the craze these last few years. Rather than watch some hackneyed reality TV show, however, I'd much rather see what a book by an expert in the field has to offer.

Fifteen Minutes to Live by Phoef Sutton - A woman suffering amnesia becomes the target of a killer. Amnesia is a tricky premise--Christopher Nolan's Memento is the only story that springs to mind as a great amnesia-style story--but I've read a couple reviews that put this book over.

The Innocent by Vincent Zandri - I have a couple of Zandri's ebooks on my TBR pile already, but when this one came on sale in September I just couldn't resist throwing it on the pile, too. And, crikey, love that cover art. Hopefully, the story of a prison warden chasing down an escaped cop killer is as good.

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