September 4, 2013

The Dark Side of Party Culture: a guest post by Lynne Thomas, one of the editors for "Glitter and Mayhem"

There's a new anthology out now called Glitter & Mayhem, which takes sci-fi and fantasy to one of America's most under-appreciated venues: the roller disco. The cover is gorgeous, the table of contents is spectacular, and one of its editors, Lynne Thomas, was generous enough to stop by the blog with a guest post to give everyone a better glimpse into the inspiration behind such funky fiction. Enjoy!

The Dark Side of Party Culture
by Lynne M. Thomas

What kind of speculative fiction anthology would have a GLOW SKATING launch party?

The kind that works backwards from the party to the book, and ends up in unexpected places.

After the 2012 WorldCon in Chicago, John Klima, Michael Damian Thomas and myself were chatting on Twitter with some authors about how we missed everyone terribly after the convention ended. Michael noticed that San Antonio, the site of this year's WorldCon, has a retro roller rink that does GLOW SKATING. Which we all agreed would be an ideal site for the Best. Book. Launch. Party. Ever.

We went from wanting an excuse to go glow skating to trying to create an SF/F anthology where glow skating seemed perfectly reasonable, so long as you understand that the cocktails may be alive, and the people skating with you may be aliens or selkies.

Glitter & Mayhem, the most glamorous party in the multiverse, sought stories that would fit in a roller rink or a club: drugs, sex, glitter and debauchery, nightlife with an SF/F twist. We wanted stories of the best party you've ever been to--even if you're not quite sure you're going to make it out alive, given the life-altering substances, alien invasions, and bone-rattling music. These tales include murderous sentient cocktails, deadly roller derby, body-swapping drugs, funkadelic space battles, fae and glam aliens, selkies and mermaids and princesses at the underground club (oh my!).

Seanan McGuire explored her New York Times Bestselling InCryptid universe. Other authors who created the party include Christopher Barzak, Maurice Broaddus, Daryl Gregory, Maria Dahvana Headley, Tim Pratt, Diana Rowland, and more. Amber Benson provided a floor-rattling introduction, and Galen Dara created our amazing, eye-catching cover art.

Your hosts are the Hugo Award-winning editors John Klima (Electric Velocipede) and Lynne M. Thomas (Apex Magazine), and the Hugo-nominated editor Michael Damian Thomas (Apex Magazine).

We went to Kickstarter back in February to find other folks to join (and fund) the party. In partnership with Apex Publications and through the generosity of our backers, we are now publishing Glitter & Mayhem.

Since the launching point of Glitter & Mayhem was to create an anthology that would go well with a glow skating launch party, we are of course hosting one in San Antonio at WorldCon for our anthology contributors and Kickstarter backers.

Glitter & Mayhem is available for purchase via Apex Publications and other fine purveyors of books on September 1, 2013.

We sincerely hope you’ll join the party. We’ve brought the glitter, although we won’t guarantee that it won’t try to kill you…

NOTE: From now until September 27th, there is a fun contest going on, which you can find by CLICKING HERE, with a Pinterest theme. The link will give you all the details you need. Good luck!

If you can't wait that long to grab yourself a copy of Glitter & Mayhem
 it is available at AMAZON.COM

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