May 24, 2013

Writing Like Crazy: "Requiem for a Rodent" Available Now

cover art by Dave Windett 
My latest short story, "Requiem for a Rodent", was published this month in Kzine #6 (Kimota Publishing). This is a Kindle-exclusive publication, released three times a year and features short stories in several genres.

My short story happens to fall somewhere in the thriller category with a touch of offbeat horror. When you're dealing with a dead hamster, it's bound to be offbeat, am I right?

The full table of contents looks like this:

  • "Requiem for a Rodent" by Gef Fox
  • "A Bedtime Chocolate" by Nicole Tanquary
  • "Seeding Day" by Michael Siciliano
  • "What It's Ajar" by G.A. Rozen
  • "The Judgment of the Peacemaker" by Diana Doherty
  • "Real Predictions" by Regina Clarke
  • "Self-Aware and Living in Bradford" by J.Y. Saville

If you feel so inclined, you can get yourself a copy from the Kindle Store by simply clicking here. And if you happen to enjoy what you read, by all means, leave a review to help get the word out.

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