April 3, 2013

Wish List Wednesday #134: Joe Hill's "NOS4A2"

WLW is a recurring blog segment in which I highlight a book I have on my wish list. Sometimes it's a new release, sometimes a beloved classic, and sometimes it's a hidden gem.

I wonder if I would have been as impressed by Joe Hill had I known before hand that he was the son of Stephen King. I bet I would have been one of those Dismissive Debbies that slagged his work before they even read it. I can get be bullheaded like that from time to time. Thank God my ignorance to that little detail endured long enough to read and thoroughly enjoy two of his books before cluing in to his relationship to one of my all-time favorite authors. By then, it was too late, I'd already made up my mind the guy was a fantastic storyteller.

Well, Joe Hill has released a new novel this year, and quite a lengthy one by the looks of the page count. NOS4A2 may have a title I consider to be a bit too cute, even for my tastes, but the subject matter sounds as vicious and relentless as a fella could want from a horror novel. After a young girl escapes the clutches of a serial killer and his killing grounds called "Christmasland," she grows up only to learn the man who abducted her isn't really dead--and he has her daughter.

It's been a little while since I read a cinder-block sized book, Stephen King's Under the Dome being the last, and NOS4A2 weighs in at nearly 800 pages, so if I'm going to read something that stretches past 500 pages into epic territory, I figure Joe Hill is a safe bet in not wasting my time.

What about you? What's the last moose-stunner of a book that you read, or would want to read?


  1. I had no idea NOS4A2 was going to weigh in at 800 pages. Awesome.

  2. A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin was the last real doorstop I read.