April 16, 2013

Chasing Tale [4/16/13]: Am I Keeping My New Year's Reading Resolution?

Chasing Tale is a regular look at the books that I recently added to my to-be-read pile. Some are advance review copies, some I bought from one store or another, and others are freebies from promotional offers that caught my eye.

At the start of the year, I told myself I would read a dozen books by international authors, specifically translated books. So, how am I doing so far? Not good.

I have read one book. Just one, and it was co-authored by an English writer. I do have a couple books staring down at me from my bookshelf, but I'm not even sure if Aravand Adiga's The White Tiger is a translated work or not. I have Ryu Murakami's Piercing, and it's a short novel too, so I should be able to burn right through that one.

I've received a couple of recommendations from online acquaintances, but I think I'll hit up Goodreads for some more. If I can score a few reads that are available at my library, that'll spare the purse strings, too.

Anyway, I have more books on my to-be-read pile. Not a lot from the ladies this time around, though. Go figure.


The Nameless by Ramsey Campbell - Judging by the very late 70s/early 80s cover, the little girl is either demonic or has the worst case of shingles ever. Anyway, for a buck, who was I to turn down a Ramsey Campbell novel?

The Point Man by Stephen Englehart - I found this old, dusty paperback on a back shelf. It jumped out at me because a new book featuring the main character from this one just came out, like a month or so ago. Heck, I had to get it just to get it.

The Deep Blue Good-By by John D.MacDonald - I saw a few copies of this old pulp novel at a used-book shop and thought I'd get one of 'em. It's the first in MacDonald's Travis McGee crime series, so where better to hop on the bandwagon.

Kitty and the Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn - I saw a rather well-worn copy of this novel, the first in the Kitty Norville series, in a pile of fantasy novels at a shop. Despite not really having the series on my watch list, I bought it because I do have a couple of Vaughn's stand-alone novels on my wish list and I thought I could check this book out and see if it hooks me into the series.


The Neighbors by Ania Ahlborn - I haven't even had the chance to read Ania's debut novel, Seed, yet, but I couldn't resist plunking a couple bucks down to snag her followup effort. She's earned enough positive reviews from folks, who am I to argue.

The League of Delphi by Chris Everheart - I managed to win myself a copy of this conspiracy thriller through a recent giveaway. It's been a while since I've read an outright thriller like this, and it looks promising, too.

The Wildman and Glimpses and Four Octobers by Rick Hautala - I saw one of Hautala's novels offered as a free download last month on Amazon, and since I've only read a couple of his short stories, I got it. A couple days later, I caught word that he had died. There was something about learning of his death so soon after getting one of his books for free, I felt compelled to plunk some coin down for a couple more books. Karma, I suppose.

I'm Not Sam by Jack Ketchum and Lucky McKee - It was a couple years ago when I read and reviewed the previous collaboration between Ketchum and McKee, The Woman, which wound up being one of my favorite reads that year. Well, they have a new book out, and when I saw Cemetery Dance published the e-book edition, I pounced on it.

All You Despise by Tom Piccirilli - It is truly good news to hear Tom Piccirilli is on the mend after going through a grueling battle with brain cancer. After reading the latest update on his recovery on Facebook, I had to go buy another of his novellas. It had been a little over a month since I bought a bunch of his books, so chalk it up as withdrawal symptoms.

The Jigsaw Man by Gord Rollo - Another Dorchester ex-pat has found a new publisher to get his work out to the masses. And, hey, Gord lives in Canada. Yeah, we Canucks can bring the horror too, didn't you know?

The Shadows of Kingston Mills by David B. Silva - I relate David more with his work with Hellnotes.com than his fiction. Sadly, David Silva also died in March. I have a couple of his books already on my Kindle, but word of his passing spurred me into getting one more.

Gossamer: A Story of Love and Tragedy by Lee Thompson - Lee just published his latest novel a few weeks ago. He was generous enough to send a copy my way. I have no clue what it's about beyond an exploration of the mother/daughter dynamic, but all I really need to know is that Lee wrote it. Good enough for me.

Advance Review Copies:

The Mammoth Book of Unexplained Phenomena by Roy Bainton - Published by the folks at Constable + Robinson, this book looks like an Encyclopedia Britannica for the weird. I'm really curious to check this one out to see the myriad of mysterious it explores.

Creakers by Paul Kane - This is the latest chapbook due to be published by Spectral Press. Such a great title, and there's even an introduction from none other than Sarah Pinborough.

The Bleiberg Project by David Khara - I've mentioned how I want to read a dozen translated books by international authors this year, and I'm falling behind. Then I received a review request that listed this French crime novel. This could be good.

The Haunted Halls by Glenn Rolfe - Since I'm a sucker for a haunted house story, and I'm also a fan of novella-length fiction, and I've read a couple reviews for this book that give it the thumbs up, so I'm hopeful about this one.


  1. Thanks for the mention and the faith, Gef. Hope you dig Gossamer, and I hope your writing life is going well, bud.

    Have you read The Master & Margarita? That's an amazing novel by a Russian writer. I'm not sure who translated it, but here's the version my buddy Susan sent me a couple years ago: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/339472.The_Master_and_Margarita

  2. THE DEEP BLUE GOODBY is a must-read! I finally got around to it last summer & really enjoyed it. Great period piece as well. Can't wait to get more in the McGee series.

  3. Thanks for the rec, Lee. I'll keep an eye out for that one.

    Will - Good to know, as I have three McGee books on my shelf now.