March 27, 2013

My Top 3 Favorite Hauntings: a guest post by Janeira Eldridge, author of "Good Ghost Gone Bad"

My Top 3 Favorite Hauntings

Now, you would think since I wrote a book called Good Ghost Gone Bad that I would believe, without question, in ghosts. Well, I do have my doubts that they truly exist but I still get terribly excited every time I hear a good ghost story. Who’s to say I won’t have my own encounter with the disturbed dead one day? I’ll never say that it’s impossible for ghosts to roam the earth and here are some of my favorite hauntings that keeps the chances of ghosts being real alive!

Alcatraz Hauntings: It’s reasonable to believe that a place with so many horrors and so much death dwelling inside of it would spark some ghostly debate. There are rumors of visitors and inmates experiencing cold spots, apparitions that claim their ex-inmates and other paranormal phenomenons. However, there is one story that caught my eye the most, the story of one particular inmate who spent some time in “The hole” (the prison’s isolation chamber). A prisoner screamed and screamed while he claimed to be attacked by a man with glowing eyes. Other prisoners had previously moaned and screamed about this vicious man with glowing eyes attacking them, but guards stopped taking the claims seriously once they believed the visions were a result of hallucinations triggered from being in isolation too long. This particular prisoner hollered all night while the guards ignored him. When they opened his cell the next morning they found the man dead with a grotesque look of fear on his face and wounds marring his throat.  His autopsy determined that the wounds were not self-inflicted. Whether an angry guard……or an angry ghost was responsible for the inmate’s death is not known.

Amityville Haunting:  Although the murderer Ronald Defaeo claimed that Amityville was a hoax set up to explain why he murdered his parents and siblings, there is still some evidence that the house itself may be haunted. Take for example that the house was built on a Native American burial ground. This is not just any burial ground however; the Native Americans buried there were a part of an asylum for Native Americans with mental issues. Some history experts say that people experienced gruesome suicides and other deaths. Could these spirits lead a young man to slaughter his family? Although Defaeo now claims his accusations of walls oozing blood and water in the house turning black were false, what would drive a young man to commit such a vicious act against his family. Other paranormal specialists have reported feeling entities so evil they passed out. Is this an example worldwide hysteria….or evil spirits getting the last laugh?

The Tower of London: The tower of London is the British version of Alcatraz! The Tower of London is known to have participated in famous executions concerning two of Henry VIII’s wives’: Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. Many visitors have reported seeing sightings of the headless Anne and hearing screams from Catherine Howard. Ghosts of shunned royalty and imprisoned soldiers have said to be seen roaming the tower and moaning in afterlife pain. Maybe there is not as much evidence of hauntings here as there have been in other places but with so many traumatic executions taken place there, it sure makes you wonder what kind of voodoo is floating around that place!

So, what are three hauntings that give you the heebie jeebies every time you hear about them?

About Janiera Eldridge: A published author since 2012, Janiera is author of "Soul Sisters", "Dark Expectations" and "Good Ghost, Gone Bad". She loves meeting & connecting with her fans and loves helping fellow indie authors achieve their dreams!

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  1. Thank for having me on your blog. It was a lot of fun to talk about my favorite hauntings!

  2. You're quite welcome, Janiera. The one on Alcatraz was a new one on me.