February 7, 2013

Writing Like Crazy: My Next Short Story Comes Out This Spring

Covert art by Dave Windett
My short story, "Requiem for a Rodent", will likely be released a little earlier than I expected. Kzine is gearing up for their sixth issue, scheduled for release this coming May, and my story is listed in the table of contents. I had originally figured the story would be published in the summer, but it just might sneak its way into the online magazine early. Neat.

The story is a quirky one involving a dead hamster named Tom Brady, and will share the spotlight with stories by Nicole Tanquary, Michael Siciliano, G.A. Rozen, Diana Doherty, and Regina Clarke. The original concept for the story involved a zombie squirrel, but that idea kind of fell apart at the seems and it turned into something a little more silly and sinister. I hope readers enjoy it once it's published.

In the meantime, there are five issues of Kzine already out there for your reading pleasure, with stories from folks like M. Bennardo, Milo James Fowler, and Rhonda Parrish: Issue #1Issue #2Issue #3Issue #4Issue #5.

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