February 6, 2013

Wish List Wednesday #130: Adam Nevill's "Apartment 16"

WLW is a recurring blog segment in which I highlight a book I have on my wish list. Sometimes it's a new release, sometimes a beloved classic, and sometimes it's a hidden gem.

If you know my reading tastes, you know I'm a sucker for ghosts. And if there's a part of the world that knows ghosts, a strong argument can be made for England. Enter Adam Nevill.

An American woman inherits an apartment from her late great-aunt situated in an upscale section of London. In that building though, there's an apartment that's been empty for half a century--no one enters, no one leaves. Apartment 16.

The last time I read something that sounded like this was Sarah Langan's Audrey's Door, which was a really good book. Checking out some of the reviews on Goodreads though, it's been hit-or-miss with readers. The main criticism sounds like it's more atmospheric than what a Hollywood-type ghost story would entail. That's fine by me. If it spends a lot of time building atmosphere and suspense, that's fine by me. Bring it.

I interviewed Michael West a while back and asked him if the Americans could take the Brits in a World Series of Ghost Stories. He sided with the Yanks, though I wonder if the Brits might not have the edge purely on seniority. What do you think?


  1. I read a review of this, can't remember where, and while the review wasn't glowing, I did want to read the book still. If you get it, I hope you like it.

  2. Gef - By all means, get this book soon. It's excellent & quite scary as well. And believe me, not many books are able to raise a chill in me after nearly 40 years of reading genre fiction, I'm quite jaded. But, APARTMENT 16 did.
    Actually, all three of Mr. Nevill's first three novels ( & very much looking forward to getting hold of his latest soon ) & they're all great horror & each one legitimately chilling.
    If forced to pick a favorite? I'd say his third THE RITUAL. He just keeps topping himself.