January 21, 2013

Writing Like Crazy: The "Arcane II" Anthology Is Available Now!

Cold Fusion Media has just released a brand new anthology called Arcane II, which features one of my own short stories titled "Tree Hugger". It's available for purchase in digital form via all the major sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the usual suspects, with a projected trade paperback release in the near future.

Arcane II is helmed by editor extraordinaire, Nathan Shumate, and brings together twenty-one short stories that run the gamut of all things weird. The list of included stories looks something like this:
  • Libby Cudmore and Matthew Quinn Martin, “Convention of Ekphrasis”
  • Michael Haynes, “In the Paint”
  • Milo James Fowler, “Beneath the Surface”
  • Andrew Bourelle, “What It Means to Love”
  • Priya Sharma, “The Beatification of Thomas Small”
  • Craig Pay, “His City”
  • Patrick McGinnity, “The Dubious Apotheosis of Baskin Gough
  • Adele Gardner, “Triptych”
  • Eric Dimbleby, “The House That Wept Puddin’”
  • Jean Graham, “Nightcrawlers”
  • Nicole M. Taylor, “The Pianist’s Wife”
  • Suzanne Sykora, “Palace of Rats”
  • Michael R. Fletcher, “Fire and Flesh”
  • Steve Toase, “Fate’s Mask”
  • Miranda Ciccone, “Orpheus and Eurydice”
  • Joanna Parypinski, “Lakeshore Drive”
  • Harry Markov, “Hurricane Drunk”
  • Brooke Miller, “The Last Laugh”
  • Gef Fox, “Tree Hugger”
  • Philip Roberts, “90 Day Notice"

    A lot of the names of new to me, but I see some familiar ones, particularly Milo James Fowler and Harry Markov. I'm definitely looking forward to this one, and you can expect a completely biased blog post by me after I've read the anthology in its entirety. In the mean time, I'll simply encourage you to visit your favorite e-book retailer and have a glance at the product info and see if you'd be interested in purchasing a copy. 

    Available at the Amazon.com Kindle Store!

    It can also be found at: Amazon UKBarnes and Noble; and Smashwords


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