December 17, 2012

Fave Five of 2012: DVDs

This year I think I saw a fair number of movies on DVD, but I think I've probably seen fewer this year than in year's past, and I'd say that's because there just weren't as many to get excited about. After seeing some of the highly anticipated movies bomb at the box office or get skewered by critics and fans alike, my eagerness to sit down and watch them waned. John Carter, for example, wasn't as bad as some led me to believe, but it was certainly a disappointment.

But rather than lament the poor showing from the movies I took the time to watch this year, I thought I'd highlight five of the DVDs that came out in 2012 that I really enjoyed and would recommend to just about any movie lover. And they are:

The Cabin in the Woods - My favorite horror movie of 2012. I haven't seen many, I grant you that, but how many--particularly from the Hollywood fare--measure up to this high-octane satire of the genre. And I think I would have loved the movie even more if I had never seen the trailer.

Drive - When I sat down to watch this movie, I had no idea it was based on a novel. Well, if the book is even half as good as the movie--and, let's face it, books are usually better--then I have got to read that book. The cast is phenomenal, surpassed only by the story ... and maybe the soundtrack.

Hanna - I'm inclined to call this movie Hunger Games for grownups. A teen girl, raised by a secret agent, is sent on a mission to assassinate a C.I.A. operative and winds up on an odyssey of suspense and revelation--with a whole lot of ass-kicking.

Silent House - Watching this movie, I think I know why the Olsen twins weren't very good actors: their little sister is hogging all the talent. Despite finding the ending to be fairly predictable, the camera work and lead performance kept me captivated the whole way through.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - This was just a good ol' fashioned spy thriller that relied more on the script than the stunt work. Stellar performances all around and one more reason to worship Gary Oldman.

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