November 1, 2012

Chasing Tale - Kindle Edition (11/1/12): Natasha Bennett, Seth Kaufman, Tim Marquitz ...

Chasing Tale is a regular look at the e-books I've recently downloaded and added to my to-be-read pile. Some are review copies forwarded to me, some are purchases from Amazon's Kindle Store or elsewhere, and others are freebies that caught my eye.

I cannot believe that it's November already. Ah man, now that Halloween is over ... that means the Christmas hysteria is going to take over everything. I don't know if I can handle that much prefab Christmas cheer. It's astonishing my brain didn't melt from having to sit through an entire track from Justin Bieber's holiday album in a waiting room last year. My immune system just isn't cut out to withstand that kind of acoustically transmitted disease.

Okay, Fox, calm down. It's only November 1st. Plenty of time to round up supplies and hole up in my humbug bunker--or, as I like to call it, my humbunker. Okay, that's lame--and maybe a little dirty. I know.

Anyway, here are twelve more e-books on my TBR pile:

Autumn's Spirit by Natasha Bennett - A novella about a paranormal investigator who wants to quit the biz, but gets talked into joining one more ghost hunt. Could be good.

The Grimm Chronicles Vol. 1 by Isabella Fontaine and Ken Brosky - The characters of the Brothers Grimm are real, and it's up to an 18-year-old gal named Alice--and her trusty rabbit companion--to stop them. This is a collection of three novellas. I'm not sure if I need to have seen the TV show, Grimm, to really appreciate this twist on the old fairy tales, but I'll give it a chance.

Reel Horror by Ernie Garrett - Here's a short novel about a guy who gets sucked into a zombie movie and has to try and figure out the plot to find his way out. Interesting, but I really hope this isn't the zombie equivalent to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Last Action Hero. I still can't get that movie completely out of the recesses of my brain.

Exponential Apocalypse: Dead Presidents by Eirik Gumeny - The premise for this book sounds absolutely bonkers, and what's more it's a sequel. I hope I'm not lost at the outset, because with Thor working at a Holiday Inn, calling a telekinetic squirrel his friend, and battling a dinosaur army led by a mad scientist sounds almost schizophrenic.

A Demon Lies Within by Tony Hubbard - A man is murdered and winds up in Hell, becoming an apprentice to a demon. At first glance, it sounded much like Gabrielle Faust's Regret, but this book seems to focus on the man's widow and son, who incur his wrath as he seeks revenge. A possession tale, perhaps? I'll give it a go.

King of Pain by Seth Kaufman - Humor isn't something I get to review all that often, but it does come around now and again. This time it's about a TV producer responsible for a prurient reality show, who wakes up one morning trapped under his extravagant entertainment center with no one to help him. Ah, pathos and parody combined. I just might love this one.

Girl Blue by Alan Nayes - I won a copy of this courtesy of Samhain Publishing. It's got a very cool cover, and the story of a sculptor that finds a rare block of blur granite that seems to sculpt itself sounds really intriguing. I'll keep my fingers crossed on this one.

Prey by Tim Marquitz - Tim's latest novel just came out through Genius Publishing. Two novellas collected in this book, Prey is the first, followed by Anathema. Both sound like outright horror, which is a little bit of a departure from what I've previously read from Tim, but I'm optimistic as the dude is talented as heck.

The Lurking Man by Keith Rommel - Keith stopped by the blog a couple weeks ago as part of his blog tour promoting this novella, which has an interesting take on death and atonement.

The Zombie Generation by Drake Vaughn - It's hard to come up with anything remotely original inside the zombie genre, but Drake's novel might fit the bill. A lone man in a post-outbreak landscape clings to sanity in search of other survivors, only to wind up infected and swinging between man and beast. If that's not enough, he struggles with rescuing other survivors that just might be figments of his damaged psyche.

Human Instincts by Ioana Vasan - For a novella, the story sounds really expansive. A remorseful geneticist searching a cure to a devastating outbreak she's responsible for in part learns of a group of unaffected survivors who ransom off their DNA in exchange for supplies. The premise sounds really promising, but I wonder if it can all work inside a hundred pages. One way to find out.

The True Detective by Theodore Weesner - I've yet to sit down and read the other Weesner book I received for review, but this one was sent my way in mid-August as well. This re-release is the next Weesner book after The Car Thief, and Astor + Blue are presumably gearing up for more reprints of his work.

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