October 4, 2012

Writing Like Crazy: Stupefying Stories 1.8 Now Available!

As of one week ago, the October edition of Stupefying Stories hit the online bookstores. With Halloween fast approaching, much of this edition is perfectly suited for the season. Want vampires? Got 'em. How about mad scientists? Yup! Ooh, want your Mummy? Well, you're in luck. Oh, and there are even a couple of werewolves courtesy of yours truly.

I couldn't wait until Halloween to read this, both because I've got a story in its contents and because I've really had a good time reading the previous editions of the ongoing anthology.

Here's the table of contents:

"Father Pace" by Samuel Marzioli
"A Wolf Like Leroy" by Gef Fox--Hey, that's me!
"King of the Giant Monsters" by Michael D. Turner
"Darcy and the Gill-man" by David C. Pinnt
"Dark Illusions" by Evan Dicken
"Legacy of an Unwanted Titan" by Ryan Creel
"The Wrong Side of the Rainbow" by Bill Bibo Jr.
"On Main Street, After Closing Time" by S. R. Algernon
"Night Shift of the Living Dead" by Tyler Tork
"Our New Benevolent Overlords" by Andrew Kozma

And if you feel so inclined, you can find Stupefying Stories 1.8 on Amazon's Kindle Store via the following links:


  1. I love the cover and congrats on getting one of your stories in this collection.

  2. I enjoyed your story. You're doin' good.

  3. Midnyte Reader - Thanks. Baby steps.

    KentAllard - Glad you enjoyed the story, sir.