October 15, 2012

Chasing Tale - Kindle Edition (10/15/12): Mort Castle, Michele Lee, Ian Rogers ...

Chasing Tale is a regular look at the e-books I've recently downloaded and added to my to-be-read pile. Some are review copies sent to me, some are purchases from Amazon's Kindle Store or elsewhere, and others are freebies that caught my eye.

The hits just keep on coming. When I started the year by summing up my review request policy as "open season," I really opened the floodgates. The summer was where my to-be-read pile skyrocketed too, because I think the fall lineups for authors and publishers descended on my inbox like a carpet bombing. I just have way too many e-books to mention, so this will only be a partial list.

And I really need to learn how to speed-read. Although, I hear that it doesn't really lend itself to reading fiction. Anyone know anything about that? I'm just kidding myself anyway, as I'm more likely to learn a second language--or invent a language like Klingon or Dothraki, that convoluted series of grunts on The Game of Thrones--than learn to read English any faster than I am now.

Ah well, here are twelve books added to my to-be-read pile:

New Moon on the Water by Mort Castle - One of the first books on writing I bought--and in hindsight one of the few such books I found of any value--was Mort Castle's OnWriting Horror. Oddly enough, I haven't read much of Mort's actual horror fiction, so when Dark Regions Press sent a review copy of this new short story collection I figured: problem solved.

Dungeon Brain by Benjamin Kane Ethridge - Benjamin will be stopping by the blog in a couple weeks as part of a blog tour to promote this new novel, about a woman trapped in an mental ward with a menacing nurse and some supernatural critters. Benjamin is on a roll it would seem, striking the iron with his Stoker Award winner, Black and Orange, and carrying on from there. I haven't read his other 2012 novel, Bottled Abyss, yet so I may have to flip a coin on which to read first.

Mind Over Mind by Karina Fabian - After reading and enjoying the superhuman anthology, CorruptsAbsolutely?, one of the book's contributing authors forwarded along a review copy of her novel, which features the character in her short story. Hey, I enjoyed the short story, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for this book.

The Death Match (Dead Man #13) by Christa Faust - Oh my, I am way behind in the Dead Man series from Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin. I believe Harry Shannon's installment was the last one I read (HarryShannon's KillThem All, I believe). I'm not sure how soon I'll get to this one. On one hand, I really enjoy Christa's writing, but I'd like to catch up on Cahill's adventures through the preceding books before reading this one.

Dead Souls by Michael Laimo - This novel has already been adapted into a movie by Chiller, a channel I frankly didn't even know existed (I wonder if it's the American equivalent of the Scream network). In any case, I've never read one of his novels before so what better place to start.

Wolf Heart by Michele Lee - Paranormal romance isn't exactly one of my go-to genres, but I saw this book from Violet Ivy Press, by Michele Lee writing something with an urban fantasy milieu, so I'm more than willing to give it a go.

Eldren by William Meikle - William is an author I've been meaning to read for a dog's age. So, unsure where to start, I had this book recommended to me on account of it being a stand-alone title. Works for me.

Bleed on Me by Shane McKenzie - The second in the Abattoir Press novella series and it sounds like it might be a doozy. A ne'er-do-well joins forces with a drug dealer to save their slum of an apartment building from a demonic force. Coooool.

The Wicked by James Newman - ShockTotem has branched out from publishing short fiction and has re=released a full-length novel. Well, they've never steered me wrong in the short story department, so if this is a novel they want folks to read, who am I to argue.

A Lower Deep by Tom Piccirilli - I was taken aback a couple weeks ago by news that Tom underwent brain surgery due to a tumor, only finding out by a post on Jim McLeod's Ginger Nuts of Horror blog about Crossroad Press offering to send 100% of the proceeds from each purchase of one of Tom's books from their catalog to help with Tom's impending hospital bills. A gracious gesture, so I hopped onto the site and snagged this book, which has actually been on my wish list for some time. Oh, and be sure to check out this Kickstarter campaign too, aimed to help him out.

Every House Is Haunted by Ian Rogers - Oh, yes. Ian's new story story collection through ChizinePublications is due out soon. I'm a big fan of his Felix Renn series, so I've very eager to read some tales set outside that universe.

Thy Fearful Symmetry by Richard Wright - One of the stranger horror novels from last year that I recall reading was Richard Wright's Cuckoo. Now he has a new novel out. I've no idea what it's about, but I'm optimistic.

A couple of these books sound like ideal reads for Halloween, but I've got more than a few already on my bookshelf--real and digital alike--that fit that bill too, so it will be a real head-scratcher when October 31st comes around.

Have you got a book you'll be reading on Halloween? Is it an old favorite or a new release you've been saving for the occasion?

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