September 27, 2012

Writing Like Crazy: Two More Stories Coming Soon

I have a little good news in the short story department.

My short story, "A Wolf Like Leroy," will be featured in a future edition of Stupefying Stories. It's a quirky tale involving two brothers, one of whom is convinced he's a werewolf. I'm really glad it's found a home

Secondly, "Tree Hugger" will appear in the next anthology from Nathan Shumate and Cold Fusion Media, Arcane II. It almost made it into the first anthology, but it needed some tweaking done and there just wasn't enough time. Nathan let it go, but told me that if it was still available this year, he'd love to include it. I guess he can thank the handful of editors who passed on it in the interim, then. It's another blend of humor, horror--with a dash of scifi--and another story I'm pleased to see making its way to publication.

The reception to "Where Coyotes Fear to Tread" has been pretty good thus far, as each review of Tim Marquitz's anthology, Fading Light, that has made mention of it has been positive. Mihir, over at Fantasy Book Critic, asked me on Twitter if I'll be expanding on the adventures of Lester and Carla. I think I might have a sequel or something along those lines in mind, as the original concept was much longer than what the word limit would allow. In any case, that's something I'll be tackle in the new year.

I wish there was more to report on the writing front, but I'll take what I can get. Plenty more stories are out there looking for homes, and I've actually pulled a couple to expand on them, as the feedback I've received from editors has suggested they are pieces of broader stories. Who am I to argue, so I'll be using each story as beginnings to longer stories. Although, once they hit novella territory, I have a feeling it'll be even harder to find suitable publishers.

For now, I'm just trying to write good stories and thanking my lucky stars that what stories are published are being enjoyed by readers.


  1. Congrats on finding a home for not one but two stories. A hard task to accomplish these days, so crack a cold one and enjoy the moment.

    Don't sweat the novellas when they come. That's what self-publishing and ebooks are for. Novella length ebooks seems to be the norm these days anyways.


  2. Thanks, Tim.

    Self-publishing is something I will likely have a go at, once I've got something I feel confident enough to put out their for consumption.