September 25, 2012

Chasing Tale [Kindle Edition]: A Summer's Worth of Short Stories

Summer is gone. Shit.

I actually enjoyed this summer a little more than most, which is strange as I will take a blizzard over a heat wave any day. There were a couple weeks in July that were ungodly for this polar bear, but overall a good summer. Could've used more rain, that's for sure, but--ah well.

Reading e-books in the sunshine was a whole lot easier this year thanks to the Kindle I got for Christmas last year. Last summer, I was reading e-books on my laptop, and anyone who uses a laptop outside knows what a pain in the behind that can be. Short stories and novellas were the focus this summer, what with the Summer of Shorts Marathon here on the blog, and for as much as I read, I downloaded even more. So, here's a peak at the review copies, freebies, and bargains I added to my to-be-read pile this summer: 

Stupefying Stories 1.6 edited by Bruce Bethke - This edition, released in mid-August, was a little late in getting published, but better late than never. Considering the 1.5 edition houses one of my favorite short stories of 2012 so far, I'm curious to see if there might be another home run somewhere in its pages.

1 Dozen by Milo James Fowler - I've spied Milo's short stories here and there, and enjoyed quite a few of them. This collection brings together a dozen of his flash fiction pieces, which I don't believe I've read before, so I'll be interested to see what this quick read has to offer.

The Thing in the Mist by John S. Glasby - I'm at a loss to think of any stories by Glasby that I've actually read, despite his prolificness. So, I should be thankful Redrum Horror is putting out this collection of eleven short stories. Problem solved.

Still Life by Nicholas Kaufmann - This is a collection of nine short stories published by Necon, most of which have been published previously by short fiction markets like Cemetery Dance. Now they're brought together for this e-book offering with a great introduction, which I sneaked a peak at, by James A. Moore.

Mad Dog Summer and Bubba Ho-Tep by Joe R. Lansdale - I'm a little late hopping on the Lansdale bandwagon, but I'm on board now. Mad Dog Summer came out on KHP'scatalog from Black Death Books, and Joe put out word on Twitter at the end of August about Bubba Ho-Tep being a buck on the Kindle Store.

Our Blissful Bayou Beginnings by Danielle Peterson - This is the first novella in Danielle's series, The Duck and the Doe. Not terribly sure what it's about, but I'm more than willing to give it a chance, so I added it to my review pile.

The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine by John Llewellyn Probert - The latest novella from Spectral Press is out now, and this one has an amazing title. I'm not familiar with Probert's work, but Spectral has never let me down before.

Two Men, a Rat, and a Lady and Dinin' by Ty Schwamberger - After recently enjoying Ty's historical horror novella, The Fields, I got my hands on this novelette and novella respectively. I might hate rats even more than zombies, but I do love dinin'. So, we'll see.

Care and Feeding by T.C. Starr - This is a trio of horror stories I downloaded to my Kindle over the summer after Tina hit me up for a review. Never read her work before, but I like the premises for each story, so we'll see how it goes.

Ninjaworld by Zoe Whitten - Zoe threw out an offer to perspective readers over the summer, giving away various e-books with no strings attached. A generous offer, so I checked out her catalog again and spied this bizarre novella that peaked my interest.

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