April 26, 2012

Chasing Tale in April - Kindle Edition (4/25/12): Adam Cesare, Tim Lieder, Anthony Neil Smith ...

Chasing Tale is a regular look at the e-books I've recently downloaded and added to my to-be-read pile. Some are review copies forwarded to me, some are purchases from Amazon's Kindle Store or elsewhere, and others are freebies that caught my eye.

Bone Meal Broth by Adam Cesare - One of my favorite reads of 2012 so far is Adam's scary-as-all-heck novella, Tribesmen, so I have a good feeling about this short story collection he's released. I've already read a couple positive reviews for it, so I'm optimistic. And watch out for my review of Tribesmen in the coming weeks, as well as an interview with Adam.

She Nailed a Stake Through His Head edited by Tim Lieder - I mentioned this anthology quite a while ago (Wish List Wednesday #76), and it turns out there's a follow-up anthology coming out this year. When I heard news about that, I noticed a link to this first book on the Kindle Store and couldn't resist.

Hogdoggin' by Anthony Neil Smith - I have Anthony's Yellow Medicine on my to-be-read list, so when I saw a chance to download the sequel I took it. I really liked his collaboration with Victor Gischler, To the Devil, My Regards, and will be diving into his other novel, Choke On Your Lies, soon.

The Dirty Parts of the Bible by Sam Torode - When I get the chance to window-shop on the Kindle Store, looking at the freebie bestsellers can be like looking through that shopping cart at the supermarket that's full of dented cans and about-to-expire perishables: even lowered expectations leave the bar set too high. But sometimes a great title is enough to pull you in, like this novel.

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