April 12, 2012

Chasing Tale in April - Kindle Edition (4/12/12): Ray Banks, Kelli Owen, Tom Piccirilli ...

Chasing Tale is a regular look at the recent e-books I've downloaded and added to my to-be-read pile. Some are review copies forwarded to me, some are purchases from Amazon's Kindle Store or elsewhere, and others are freebies that caught my eye.

Wolf Tickets by Ray Banks - The title alone enticed me to buy this book. That, and the introductory price of 99 cents. I wanted to add a Ray Banks novel to my to-be-read pile after reading Gun, and this one sounds really promising.

The Darkest Shade of Grey by Alax Baxter - Red Penny Papers already offers up their content for free on their website, but they've also compiled this novelette together and are offering it as an e-book, whereas it was originally made available on their website in five installments.

Waiting Out Winter by Kelli Owen - I reviewed Kelli's novella, The Neighborhood, a little while back and had my suspicions confirmed that she was a helluva storyteller. So, when out of the blue, this other release from Thunderstorm Books was made available for free on the Kindle Store for a limited time, I swooped in and downloaded it.

Clown in the Moonlight by Tom Piccirilli - I already have Nightjack sitting on my to-be-read pile, but when Tom offered up his latest novella free of charge for a few days in March, I pounced. Every Shallow Cut was my favorite novella of 2011, so I wonder how this one will rank.

Loathsome, Dark, & Deep by Aaron Polson - I caught a couple freebies from Belfire Press in early March, but they had quite a few bargain happening on Smashwords for "Buy an E-book Week." I also bought this novel of Aaron's, inspired by Heart of Darkness, for half-price to boot. Not too shabby.

Shock Totem Issues 2 & 3 & Holiday Edition edited by K. Allen Wood - Shock Totem is one of those mags that really has its finger on the pulse of horror. I've read two issues thus far and there was a less-than-impressive story in either, so when I saw two more issues offered free for a limited time, I snagged them along as throwing down a mere 99 cents for their holiday edition.

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  1. Tom Piccirilli is my best discovery of 2012. There's so much power and depth to what he does. I have just got my hands on an ARC of THE LAST KIND WORDS and I CAN'T WAIT TO START IT.