April 4, 2012

Chasing Tale in April - Kindle Edition (4/4/12): Ashley J. Barnard, Robert Dunbar, Simon Kurt Unsworth ...

Chasing Tale is a regular look at the recent e-books I've downloaded and added to my to-be-read pile. Some are review copies forwarded to me, some are purchases from Amazon's Kindle Store or elsewhere, and others are freebies that caught my eye.

Shadow Fox by Ashley J. Barnard - Ashley was one of the authors to participate in last month's Urban Fantasy Marathon, and she was generous enough to provide a review copy of this book, the first in a series. It has "Fox" in the title, so that's a step in the right direction, though I am biased in that regard.

The Trouble with Hairy by Hal Bodner - I don't read much, if any, fiction in which the lead character is gay--and I'll bet I'm not alone--so I took up this novel and added it to my review commitments. Book titles with flagrant puns irk me, and the UF genre is chock full of 'em. I might not be homophobic, but maybe I'm punophobic.

The Steel Seraglio by Mike Carey, Linda Carey, & Louise Carey - Chizine Publications is one of those publishers that seems to have a keen eye for literature, so when they contacted me about reviewing one of their newest novels, I didn't hesitate for a second. And the trio of authors even stopped by the blog with a guest post a couple weeks ago. It's a family affair.

Wood by Robert Dunbar - I can crack jokes about Robert titling his books with words that can be used as euphemisms for ... well, the book before this one was called Willy, so you tell me. But there's no arguing the guy is one helluva storyteller, as evidenced by that other book I mentioned and reviewed--and included among my faves of 2011.

Promise Me Eternity by Ian Fox - No relation, okay? Just thought I'd clarify that right now. When Ian sent me a review copy of his novel, I noticed it's not an especially long one, but it's got over 100 chapters. Either those are some quick-paced chapters or I was misled by this novel's page count. I'll find out when I get around to reading it.

Rough Music by Simon Kurt Unsworth - I've had the good pleasure of reading all of Spectral Press' chapbooks thus far, and now have another one. These folks put out good short fiction, so I was optimistic about this one. It didn't disappoint, and you can read my review for it over at Skull Salad Reviews.

Most of these titles are available on Amazon's Kindle Store:

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