February 8, 2012

Wish List Wednesday #109: Patrick deWitt's "The Sisters Brothers"

This is a recurring blog segment in which I highlight a book on my wish list. Sometimes it's a new release, sometimes a beloved classic, and sometimes it's a hidden gem.

The cover caught my eye. The premise held my interest. And its seemingly ceaseless literary award nominations will not let me forget it. So I'm putting The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt on my wish list.

I've never read a lot of westerns, even though it's a genre I always seem to enjoy. Lately, I've been into weird westerns a la A Book of Tongues and Hallowed Ground. The Sisters Brothers isn't a book with a fantastical element, but a literary excursion by an author with an affinity for the genre.

Take two henchmen who are brothers, one with a taste for killing and the other only a loyalty to his kin, and send them on a job to kill a prospector who has run afoul of their boss, the Commodore. The western as a backdrop for sibling loyalty and rivalry sounds really good and this is one I can't wait to read once I get the chance.

How about you? Are you interested in reading this book or any other westerns these days?


  1. I just finished reading this. I thoroughly enjoyed it, a different take on a western with a very endearing narrator in one the notorious Sisters brothers.

    The ending left me cold. I guess I was expecting something different. Nonetheless, it's a good read.

  2. I have never (that I know of) read a Western. I agree with you that the cover is eye-catching, and I have heard good things about it. Not sure I'll add it to my wish list, but this title is definitely on my radar!

  3. I highly recommend it, having put it on my 2012 best list and reviewed it here at: http://tbdeluxe.blogspot.com/2011/12/boys-with-guns-thoughts-on-sisters.html

  4. I've been writing a horror western short, and it's a lot of fun. I'm a big western fan, and would love to read this. Also got Ketchum's The Crossings on my wish list.

  5. Haven't heard of that Ketchum novel before, but I may have to add that to my list, too.