February 22, 2012

Chasing Tale for February 22nd, 2012 (Digital Edition): Adam Cesare, Chuck Wendig, Dave Zeltserman ...

Despite the enormity of my to-be-read pile, the books just keep coming. This time around it's mostly advance review copies for new releases, with a couple freebies I found on Amazon.com. Let's have a gander.

Tribesmen by Adam Cesare - Adam Blomquist has a new novella under the Cesare name. John Skipp does the introduction, and I think is even the publisher. "A cunning, cinematic redmeat feast for weird film lovers and horror freaks." I may need to dig out my nightlight.

Seven Stories by Brian James Freeman - I remember really enjoying Brian's novella, ThePainted Darkness, so when Cemetery Dance published this collection and offered it free for a limited time, there was nothing to discuss. Instant download.

Merkabah Rider: Tales of a High Plains Drifter by Edward Erdelac - 2011 saw me turn into a fan of the weird western. The seeds were already there with my affinity for Stephen King's Dark Tower series, but that was never full-blown western. This novel, however, sounds like it is.

Of Blood and Honey by Stina Leicht - On February 1st, Stina sent out a tweet that Night Shade Books was offering the first book in her Fey and the Fallen series for free to promote the release of the second book. I had this one on my wish list after hearing her talk about it on the podcast, Writing Excuses, so it was a nice treat to get it gratis.

Everything Theory: Cold Compass by Barry Napier - Barry has a new book out. Sixth Sense meets The X-Files, apparently. The guy is a machine. I won this one at the start of last month, and if it holds up as well as The Bleeding Room, then I will enjoy it thoroughly.

Echoes of the Dead by Aaron Polson - Some a-hole plagiarized this book and put it on the Kindle Store under a different title and flagrantly fake pseudonym. It's been removed thankfully, and Aaron offered the real deal for a limited time for free. Thanks, Aaron. You rock. 

Welcome to Moon Hill by Anthony J. Rapino - Tony was generous enough to send me a review copy of his brand new short story collection. Hard to say when I will be able to get around to it, but this is one I've been looking forward to checking out. You can find out more by checking out his site.

The Monster Within Idea by R. Thomas Riley - When I saw a mention of this book on Google Plus in February, then remembered hearing it praised by Greg Hall and others on the Funky Werepig podcast. It's got a great title and those Piggy Petters know a good book when they whore it, more often than not.

The Light Side of Dark by Voni Ryan - Thanks to Jodi and her minions at Belfire Press, I won a copy of this new collection from a duo writing under a pseudonym. It's been a while since I dug into a Belfire title, but I've come to expect good things from the little press that could. I suspect I'll find a fair bit to enjoy in this book's pages.

Faint of Heart by Jeff Strand - Getting a book for free is always nice, but getting a book by Jeff Strand is extra nice. Jeff had this up for free on the Kindle Store at the start of the month. This was a no-brainer, which suits my intellect to a tea.

Down Here in the Dark by Lee Thompson - I've got one of Lee's novellas already sitting on my Kindle waiting to be read, but I was incredibly surprised and grateful when he provided me with a copy of this short novel for review, too. Thanks to his great short fiction, I'm burning through my review commitments so I can get to these.

Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig - I've been checking out Chuck's blog for a year or so and finding some of his foul-mouthed advice quite helpful. Now that his urban fantasy novel is due out soon through Angry Robot Books, I'm eager to see what his fiction is like.

Bad Karma by Dave Zeltserman - A Zeltserman novel offered for free is kind of a no-brainer for me. No idea what this one's about, I just know I was so impressed by Caretaker of Lorne Field that I doubt I'll be disappointed.

What e-books did you download recently?


  1. Speaking of machines, I'll never figure out how you read as much as you do in such a short period of time! :-)

  2. A lot can be accomplished by spending time reading instead of watching television. Aside from Fringe and Supernatural, there's just not much on that I care to watch, so I read a hundred pages of fiction each night.

    That shit adds up when not watching The Bachelor or Jersey Shore.

  3. I totally agree. I wouldn't watch reality TV if you paid me. Unfortunately when I sit down to read these days, it's usually student essays or content for class.

  4. Cool. I didn't know Cesare is really Blomquist. I met him at Rock N' Shock last year. Real nice kid.

    Looking forward to Rapino's collection, too, plus a number of them.

    Thanks for the mention too, Gef. Hope you dig it. If you read Iron Butterflies Rust first it'll make more sense. But it's still a fun story regardless.