January 25, 2012

"The Travelling Theatrical Tour: The Thirsty Man": a guest post by Cate Gardner

The incomparable Cate Gardner is on a blog tour this month, promoting her latest books, The Theatre of Curious Acts and Barbed Wire Hearts. I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Curious Acts and even included it among my year-end list of favorite novellas. And if you haven't managed to read it yet, you just might feel inclined to after reading Cate's guest post. Enjoy.

"The Traveling Theatrical Tour: The Thirsty Man"
by Cate Gardner
Thank you to Gef for allowing me to invade his blog for my Theatre of Curious Acts blog tour, otherwise known as the Traveling Theatrical Tour.

The below is a warning as to why you should remain fully hydrated when reading Theatre of Curious Acts. Sometimes things know you're thirsty.

"Jonathan Jacobsen sat at the theatre bar. He stared at the hands of the woman seated beside him or rather at the glass said hands cupped. He'd heard that people disappeared here. Perhaps, despite his incalculable thirst, that was why he waited.

God, he needed a drink.

Licking his lips, Jonathan leaned towards the woman's hands. She didn't flinch or move away, she didn't need to--the fairies did the work for her. They tugged at his hair and his jacket, pulling him away from the glass.

So, so thirsty.

"Leave me be," he said, hating the whimper that edged his voice.

They wouldn't. The never did. His throat fractured against the weight of his scream. Dry flakes caught in his windpipe. The woman emptied her glass. Jonathan gripped his throat. It hurt to gulp.

Someone approached, shimmering as though made of water--a girl and a mirage in this desert. She held her cupped hands out to him. She held a lake, or so it seemed to his thirst. The fairies didn't bother this girl, nor did they yank or pinch as she placed her cupped hands to Jonathan's lips.

So thirsty…

Jonathan buried his face in her hands. He lapped and lapped and lapped, and no matter how much he drank, he knew he'd never know his fill again.


Instructions on how to avoid Jonathan's fate are hidden in one copy of Theatre of Curious Acts, which is available from all good online bookstores. More details are available at the author's website www.categardner.net