January 4, 2012

Chasing Tale for January 4th, 2012: Jeffrey Ford, Greg Gifune, Dan Simmons ...

Christmas has come and gone. I hope everyone had a good one. Now, we slog our way through 2012 until we can do it all again. I haven't got a clue what this year is going to bring, but I have the temerity to keep my fingers crossed. As the year begins, I can at least say that I will not be left wanting for something to read. I got a pile of books in December, scratching quite a few titles off my wish list. Take a look ...

The Shadow Year by Jeffrey Ford - I think it was a list of recommendations by Ellen Datlow that prompted me to put this book on my wish list (WLW#67). A mystery with supernatural potential set in 1960s Long Island. After reading the plot summary for it, I knew I wanted to read it.

Saying Uncle by Greg Gifune - Even if I somehow don't enjoy this book, which I blogged about in December (WLW#106), I can say the word "DISCARDED" stamped in red on the inside cover is practically a crime--it's a library book I got on sale. Oh well, if they don't want it, I sure do.

Monsters of L.A. by Lisa Morton - Last month Lisa had a blog tour, promoting her collection. Well, my review copy arrived in the mail, but not before I could review it as part of the tour. I quite like the idea of taking those classic monsters from the silver screen and putting them in contemporary settings around Los Angeles. It sounds really promising.

House of Fear by Jonathan Oliver (editor) - I won this new anthology from the fine folks at Spooky Reads. Haunted houses are one of my favorite horror tropes, and when I look at the table of contents for this book, I think I'm going to get a lot of enjoyment from these authors.

Pleasure Model by Christopher Rowley - This sounded like a really interesting collaboration between Tor Books and Heavy Metal to give sci-fi author, Christopher Rowley, a pulpy sandbox to play in. I've had it on my wish list since WLW#71, but it's the first of a trilogy which I was not originally aware, so if I like it there's one more series I'm going to have to collect.

Running with the Pack by Ekaterina Sedia (editor) - Werewolves for Christmas? Neat. I found this anthology under the tree, which was an incredible treat because it's a book I've actually heard of--and wanted!

Drood by Dan Simmons - I blogged about wanting this book last April (WLW #95) and I finally found a paperback copy on the shelf of my local bookstore(still no sign of his acclaimed debut novel, The Song of Kali (WLW #12)). The whole creative liberties with the relationship between Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins should be really interesting.

Dweller by Jeff Strand - I've only read one novel by Jeff Strand, Benjamin'sParasite, two if you count his collaboration with three others on the gory romp, Draculas. He's got a real knack for blending humor and horror, but at face value this novel sounds much more heartfelt. That's why I put it on my wish list in the first place (WLW#60).

What books did you get for Christmas this year?


  1. Discarded?!

    Really great list. I'm anxious to hear about "House of Fear".

    Most of my books are boxed up, but I'm moving later this year. When I eventually come across my copy of Song of Kali, I'll mail it out to you.

  2. I was finally able to post a review of Monsters Of L.A. but way after when I was supposed to.

  3. Jennifer - Aw, you're a sweetheart. I'll have to send you a book too, when you're moved--or before or whatever.

    Ryan - Don't feel bad. Mine's scheduled to appear on the blog Jan. 17th, I think.