October 21, 2011

Night of the Comet: a guest post by Rosey's Reviews

I wrote a few guest posts earlier this year for Rosey's Reviews. One about the series finale of Smallville, the sixth season of Supernatural, a mid-year list of my favorite books so far, and another about my favorite fantasy book series, The Dark Tower.

So it seems only fair I invite Rosey to write something here, and the Monster Movie Marathon was the perfect chance. The movie Rosey decided to write about is one I've never seen, but I think I'll have to hunt it down now. What do you think?

Rosey's Thoughts on Night of the Comet

Robert Beltran...Hector
Catherine Mary Stewart...Regina
Kelli Maroney...Samantha
Sharon Farrell...Doris
Mary Woronov...Audrey
Geoffrey Lewis...Carter
Peter Fox...Wilson
John Achorn...Oscar
Michael Bowen...Larry
Director: Thom Eberhardt
Release Date: 16 November 1984 (USA)

A comet wipes out most of life on Earth, leaving two Valley Girls to fight the evil types who survive.

The cheese-o-meater on this movie is is through the roof! It starts out with some voice over about the comet hitting 65 million tears ago and then cuts to Regina (Catherine Mary Stewart) playing an old school game of Tempest. The comet is going by soon but Regina wants none of it. She wants to have sex with her boyfriend in the projection booth instead. Well that just saved her life because everyone that was outside either turned to red dust or became a zombie. Regina gets attacked by a zombie that I'm sure was an extra in Thriller. She gets away on her boyfriends motorcycle and drives through Los Angles, back to the Valley to her home. There are no cars, no people, no nothing. Just a red hazy cloud in the sky. Now I can see not figuring out something is wrong in LA with a red haze but...NO TRAFFIC!? HELLO!!! She gets home and finds her younger sister, Sam. They head down to the radio station thinking someone is still there. Only no one is there besides a guy that I thought was Eric Estrada for a good five minutes. It isn't him BTW.

Question: What do you do when the zombie apocalypse is happening? Well go shopping with your sister! Duh!!

While in the store the girls get shot at by zombies. They are saved by these scientist whom put built an underground facility to live because they new the comet was bad news. They take Reg but leave her sister. Hector comes back in a Santa Claus outfit BTW. Because that's normal. Anyways, the scientist turn out to be wackadoodles and they get the hell out of there.

The rain comes and cleans all the dust and haze away. Because obviously that is all it takes.

Oh and I think there are about less then ten zombies in the movie.

The screenplay and the acting are just terrible. Better job in Child's Play. I actually can't believe I watched this sober. In the list of cheesy 80's horror this HAS to be in the top ten. If you get some people together, grab some booze, and play fun drinking games then that will make it all the better.


  1. I last watched this as kid. For some reason I remember really liking it.

    I better avoid watching again or chance ruining a perfectly good childhood memory. ;)

  2. I've been seeing a lot of reviews of this lately...is it because it is on Netflix streaming now? Well, that's the reason I just watched it anyway! :-P

    I agree completely with your review. It was bad. It had that "80's vibe" to it too, which is always unintentionally funny.

  3. Peter- If you don't have some booze beforehand it will ruin your perfectly good childhood memory LOL.

    Anthony- I watched it on Netfix, sober, during the day. Better drunk, at night, with friends and make some awesome drinking games. Agreed, I think some writers/directors REALLY thought they were going something serious and had some guilty. Man were they wrong LOL.

  4. LOL.....I thought this movie was hillarious the first time I watched it. I loved the mall scene but for some reason my favorite is in the begining when the whole neighborhood is outside watching the coment, then they all go away.

    If you want some more cheesy fun, watch Neon Maniacs.