October 22, 2011

Dinocroc Vs. Supergator: Not exactly David Carradine's finest hour, but ...

Dinocroc Vs. Supergator
starring Corey Landis, Amy Rasimas, and David Carradine
written by Jay Andrews and Mike MacLean
directed by Jay Andrews
Anchor Bay (2010)

Oh, Roger Corman, you do love your killer beasts, don't you?

In a production of slighter higher caliber than a SyFy Channel schlockfest, this slice of B-movie heaven stars two CGI monstrosities and a squad of actors whose talents are even more frightening than the creatures hunting them.

Do you really need a plot? Okay, fine. There's a secret research lab situated on a picturesque island oasis, and its two research specimens, a giant alligator and a mutated crocodile that looks like it's been crossbred with a T-Rex, have escaped to wreak havoc on all the tasty humans on the island. And it's up to a sexy game warden, her doting sheriff of a father, a supposedly swarthy undercover agent, and a mercenary called the Cajun--don't you just love that--to stop the beasts before they devour everyone on the island.

If you've ever seen a Roger Corman film, you'll know what to expect: bad acting, blood, and boobs. And this movie has plenty of all three.

Now, I may be spoiling things for you, but the title of the movie says it all: the whole point of the movie is to pit the two giant beasts against one another. But the two creatures don't actually get to throw down until the final ten minutes. The first eighty minutes are spent having the two monsters pick off random disposable characters in slapdash sequences. The death scenes involving the Supergator are particularly frustrating, because the creature doesn't really appear on screen like the Dinocroc does. Instead, some meat puppet utters a hammy one-liner before a flash of scales goes across the screen and the actor disappears. Well, there is one scene involving a couple of bikini-clad blondes--easily the two worst actors of the bunch--one of whom gets chomped in two. Other than that, Dinocroc seems to be doing all the dirty work, and doing most of the chasing as it bounds down roads chasing the main cast.

The monsters don't look terrible, though. I was expecting low resolution garbage akin to those SyFy movies, but the care put into these wound up producing two monsters that were good enough for Jurassic Park's maybe pile. As for David Carradine, he's not involved in much of the action, basically sitting poolside and issuing orders with his steely gaze. It wasn't exactly a movie that did the late legend any favors, but I suppose it paid the bills.

I have been resistant thus far to bother watching Piranha 3D, mainly out of cynical rejection of its appeal to the lowest common denominator, but Dinocroc Vs. Supergator has softened my resolve. Sometimes, it's okay to watch a terrible movie for the sake of watching of a terrible movie. This movie is proof of that.

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  1. I haven't watched any of these giant animal movies yet. I keep thinking that if this is what I want to watch I'll pull out a Godzilla, Rodan, or Mothra movie.