October 19, 2011

The Creature from the Black Lagoon Just Wants to be Loved: a guest post by Amy Grech

Amy Grech has sold over one hundred stories and three poems to various anthologies and magazines including: Apex Digest, Fear on Demand, Funeral Party 2, Inhuman Magazine, Needle Magazine, The Flash Fiction Offensive, The Horror Express, Space & Time, The Brutarian, Zombie CSU, and many others. Damnation Books published her second collection, Blanket of White.

She has a story in the upcoming Beat to a Pulp: Hardboiled. Amy is an Active Member of the Horror Writers Association who lives in Brooklyn. Visit her website: http://www.crimsonscreams.com. Follow her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/amy_grech.

It's kind of funny Amy would choose to write about The Creature from the Black Lagoon, as this was one of the classic films I sat down to watch this month to get in the mood for the Monster Movie Marathon. Here's her take on the movie--and the monster.

Creature from the Black Lagoon Just Wants to be Loved
by Amy Grech

The Creature outshines his irradiated and overgrown brethren because there was the slightest bit of humanity in him. He lusts, he’s cunning, and he feels pain. He is an animal on the brink of becoming something more. The Gillman’s story is one of the finest fantasy films ever made. Creature from the Black Lagoon is a true motion picture masterpiece of the monstrous.

The Creature wants desperately to connect with the humans that boldly venture into the Black Lagoon seeking rare fossils. In the heart of the Amazonian rain forest, Dr. Carl Maia (Antonio Moreno) uncovers a most unusual fossil. It has five fingers arranged much like a human hand, but it sports webbing and claws that suggest a marine predator. Dr. Maia assembles a team of scientists to journey to the enchanted Black Lagoon in search of more fossils. Amongst the team are Dr. David Reed (Richard Carlson), Kay Lawrence (Julie Adams), Dr. Mark Williams (Richard Denning), and Dr. Edwin Thompson (Whit Bissel). 

Lucas (Nestor Paiva), the captain of the Rita (their chartered riverboat), tells them the story of the aquatic monster that stalks the Black Lagoon. When Dr. Maia returns to his camp, he discovers that some savage beast has slaughtered his assistants. The team learns that the legend of the half-man half-fish monster is indeed true. The beast stalks the crew of the Rita. The Creature comes aboard the boat and attacks. The ambitious and ruthless Dr. Williams wants to stay in the Black Lagoon to capture the Gillman. Dr. Reed pleads to leave the lagoon and the Creature. There is much tension between the two young scientists over Kay; both want to possess her heart. The Creature is lured close to the boat through the use of Rotenone (a poison used to catch fish) and imprisoned. 

After catching a glimpse of the ravishing Kay, the monster grabs her and brings her back to his grotto next to the lagoon. Dr. Reed, Lucas, and Dr. Maia track the Gillman to his subterranean cave. The Creature is shot and stumbles to the water. He sinks into the blackness of the lagoon. The last relic of the Devonian age is dead…or so it seems.

I saw Creature from the Black Lagoon as part of The Prospect Park Summer Concert Series in Park Slope, Brooklyn, complete with old-school 3-D glasses. This 1954 classic is best viewed outside on a warm summer night; the Creature would want it that way!

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  1. This is one of the those movies that I know I've seen as a kid, but don't think I've ever watched it as an adult. This is actually the second post I've read this week highlighting this movie. I guess it's time to watch it again.